Some of our key Products and Services

    • CMMs
      COORD3 CMMs from Italy with TouchDMIS software for repeatable 3D measurement. More
    • Portable arms
      Master3DGage and RPS Metrology portable arms for factory and off-site measurement.  More
    • Micrometers, Veniers and DTI
      A great range of precision hand measuring tools from quality Swiss manufacturer TESA Technology. More
    • White light scanning
      Structured light scanners from leading producers for fast, high accuracy scanning. More
    • Height Gauges
      Manual and motorised 1 and 2D products such as TESA-Hite, TESA MICRO-HITE. More

    Surtronic R125

    • 3D Surface Roughness and Form
      Alicona’s InfiniteFocus systems measure both surface roughness and form in the one instrument. More
    • Vision and FOV Systems
      A full range of vision, FOV and optical comparator products from Starrett and others. More
    • Surface Roughness
      Taylor Hobson’s portable surface roughness testers are extremely affordable and accurate. More
    • Roundness Testing
      Taylor Hobson’s Talyrond range of equipment leads the world in accuracy and precision. More
    • Laser Projection Systems
      LPT’s laser projection systems are used by leading aerospace manufacturers around the world. More

Latest Videos and Additions to our Product Range

Industry Experience – for Your Benefit

    • Auto aftermarket
      Master3DGage and Verisurf software for inspection and reverse engineering. More
    • Medical and Dental
      CNC vision systems from Starrett for high performance measurement.  More
    • Oil & Gas
      The use of Optical comparators for special pipe threads are critical. More
    • Precision Machining
      Multi-probe vision visions for accuracy and ease of use. More
    • Education and University
      Helping to expand 3D scanning experiences for students. More
    • Rail
      Surface roughness of bearing journals, axles and wheels. More
    • Manufacturing
      TESA micrometers and calipers for best practice workshops and tolrooms. More
    • Defence
      TESA height gauges for measurement labs for consistent measurement. More
    • Textiles
      Force testing systems for testing backing strength and tensile loads. More
    • Aerospace
      TESA bore micrometers for precision measurement with aircraft MROS. More