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Introducing the PEEL 2

PEEL 2 3D hand-held scanners use structured light technology to collect 3D point clouds of scanned surfaces. Sourced through Verisurf Software, these scanners are designed for reverse engineering, model-making and 3D printing applications.

Available in two models, PEEL 2 and PEEL 2 CAD, a PEEL 2 model is suitable for most scanning and reverse engineering applications.

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  • PEEL 2 3D scanners
  • Verisurf software
  • PEEL 2 CAD software
  • PEEL 2 accessories
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Technical specifications

Peel 2 3D hand-held scanners are extremely easy to use, features enhanced performance metrics, and offers an unprecedented scan rate of up to 550,000 measurements per second with an accuracy of up to 0.250 mm (0.01 in).

Thanks to this new 3D scanner, you can tackle more complex projects and take advantage of higher measurement resolution, color capture, enhanced tracking, and better geometry capabilities.

The Peel 2 3D scanner works seamlessly with Verisurf in a single, integrated workflow. Bundle the scanner with any of several available Verisurf Scan Data software suite configurations depending on your usage requirements or coordinate with your Verisurf representative to define a software configuration that best suits your unique situation.

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See how the PEEL 2 3D hand-held scanners help to reverse engineer parts on the famous FORD Bronco

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PEEL 2 3D hand-held scanners range

PEEL 2 3D hand-held scanning systems are gaining a strong reputation for quality and value for money as a scanning system and produced by Creaform in Canada.