Partner News

We are pleased to announce that one of our overseas Partners – 8tree and specifically their dentCHECK® product that platform analyzes surface deformation problems, has been selected as a finalist in the sensors, test and measurement and optical measurement systems category in the 2015 Photonics Technology Awards by LASER World of PHOTONICS at their Startup World exhibition in Munich, Germany later this month.

Whether it is a dent, a bump or general surface waviness, dentCHECK® delivers clear, accurate and instantly actionable analysis. This allows operators to promptly fix the problem without wrestling with the traditional learning curve of a new measurement tool.

Existing configurations of the dentCHECK® product platform are tailored to addressing chronic problems across several industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas infrastructure and White-Goods. New variants of dentCHECK® are continuously being adapted to address challenging problems in new markets.