Who Is Met Optix?

Met Optix is a specialist supplier of world-class metrology and testing products with a full range of after-sales services and support.

Met Optix is an Australian-owned business founded in April 2014 in Melbourne, Australia by owner David Eldridge.

After working in the metrology products field for almost 10 years prior to starting Met Optix and with a number of excellent contacts in the metrology market, the new business was able to re-establish links with a number of highly-respected overseas equipment suppliers.

Today, Met Optix enjoys the support of over 25 international equipment suppliers or Partners as we grow and help more customers with solutions for a wide range of metrology and testing applications.



Met Optix is committed to providing the best possible customer service experience and support for both new and existing customers. We do this by listening to our customers, understanding their needs in order to develop a deeper understanding of their business and on-going quality and productivity improvement needs.

We deliver value to our customers by:
• Providing the best products available, anywhere in the world
• Providing advice as to the best product most suited to the application
• Supplying full support and service on all products sold


Our Mission is to provide quality products and services in order to help customers to overcome potential quality issues and to contribute to the improvement of overall productivity and efficiency.

By providing these services, we recognise and acknowledge the need for on-going continuous improvement and product quality improvement programs in an effort to help customer to achieve their business goals and remain competitive in today’s tough industrial and manufacturing environment.


To be first choice metrology and testing products company:

• Best service and support
• Support and advice from an experienced Team
• Always cognisant of the need for value
• At the forefront of the latest developments in technology

Our Vision is to be the leading business of our type in ANZ by providing the levels of support and service that our customers expect and insist on from their suppliers in the industrial products market!

We will not only provide the highest levels of support but we will have and maintain a full portfolio of products and services from the world’s leading manufacturers in order to stay abreast of technology and to seen as the leading exponent of new technologies in this part of the world.

Met Optix

When you need metrology or testing products, our team are always on hand with professional and helpful advice!