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About Our Partners

Met Optix has some of the world’s leading metrology and testing products manufacturers our Partners. We sell and support products in Australia and New Zealand from some of the leading brands in the world. Brands such as Taylor Hobson, TESA, Verisurf, Starrett, API, and more.

With unswerving support from our Partners and our own experienced team, we can assure customers complete satisfaction on all of the products and services sourced on Met Optix.


4D Technology are the developers of the 4D Inspec system which is used to help quantify defects, scratches and nicks on high value machined components.


8tree is a leading developer of innovative scanning solutions for the global aircraft repair industry with leading products such as dentCHECK.


The inventors of laser tracker technology. Why risk your application to anyone other than the original developer of long distance laser measurement technology.


Ash Technologies from Ireland are leading suppliers of digital microscopes and video-based measurement systems for industry.


The world’s leading supplier of Focus Variation technology, called InfiniteFocus for surface roughness and form measurement from the one system.


COORD 3 are a leading global producer of a full range of CMMs such as bridge, gantry and horizontal arm types for shop-floor as well as QC Lab applications.


DataLyzer International Inc. is a leading provider of a range of software solutions for industry including FMEA, SPC, OEE, Gauge Management software, and more.


DataMyte Inc. is a global leader in the collection of shop floor data with hardware products such as the 600 Data Collector range as well as Lightstar torque wrenches.


EngView Systems are the developers of the innovative mobile app mCaliper which allows users to use mobile devices such as IOS and Android devices to record dimensional measurements with hand measuring instruments.


zCAT, from Fowler Precision, is the world’s first truly portable CMM system allowing users to take the CMM machine to the job and run a full 3D measurement routine.


Globus from Israel are the developers of EasyCMM an I++ universal server platform that allows any CMM software to be operated on virtually any brand of CMM.


High QA is a leading provider of Industry 4.0 quality solutions, including Inspection Manager and High QA 360.


We are a Certified Reseller of the DAVID Vision Systems products, now owned by HP and sold as the HP 3D Scan systems range of products.


Leading producers of a complete range of hand-held, bench and floor mounted hardness testing equipment for all material types and hardness scales


InspecVision from Northern Ireland produce a range of sheet-metal measuring solutions including the Planar range which are the fastest measurement systems in the world for this type of 2D measurement.

Leading producers of a optical comparators from the USA.


A full range of laser projection systems is available from leading German manufacturer – LAP Laser for all industrial and manufacturing applications.

The famous Swiss-manufacturer Leica Geosystems manufacture a wide range of survey and dimensional measurement products including the Leica 3D Disto.

Leading Italian-manufacturer Microrep produce world-class calibration equipment for length measuring instruments, dial indicators and many other types of metrology equipment.

Nirox are an Italian-producer of specialised solutions for the measurement of thickness in transparent and translucent materials such as glass and quartz using their proprietary technologies.

Italian-producer Open Technologies produce an extensive range of 3D scanning systems for industry as well as the new entry-level scanning range – Scan-In-A-Box.

The famous LaserGauge range of flush and gap measuring systems is produced by leading US-manufacturer Origin Technologies Inc.

Inspection Arsenal products from Phillips Precision in the US are a range of fixturing systems for both CMMs and vision systems which allow users to adopt lean manufacturing techniques for their fixturing strategies.


Leading US-manufacturer Pinpoint Laser produce world-class laser alignment systems for industrial and other key markets.


RangeVision from Russia is a leading manufacturer of structured light scanning products and software catering from the budget conscious right up to intermediate industrial scanning applications.

RPS Metrology are a leading Italian-manufacturer of portable arm measuring systems and 3D laser scanners for metrology applications.

Sipcon Instruments from India is a leading producer of a complete range of optical and vision measurement systems for industrial markets.

SmartTech 3D from Poland are an innovative producer of high quality 3D structured light scanning systems for industry and other key markets.

Starrett are a leading global supplier of a wide range of metrology and cutting products. The metrology products range sold by Met Optix includes optical comparators, vision system and force measuring machines.

Taylor Hobson, as part of the Ametek group are a leading global producer of high quality roundness, surface roughness and form measuring instruments.

TESA SA is part of the global Hexagon Metrology group and a manufacturer of high quality Swiss-manufactured hand measuring tools, height gauges, probes and a wide range of other metrology products.


Verisurf is the world’s leading model-based definition metrology software used across a wide range of hardware platforms.

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