Control 2016 – metrology with technology

Jul 25, 2016 | Exhibitions

In visiting the annual Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany in April / May this year, the overriding theme around this huge exhibition was – metrology through technology. In other words, global manufacturers from around the world are embracing technology faster and with more vigour in order to gain strategic advantage with their quality improvement and productivity programs.

All of the huge global manufacturers were there again at Control – Hexagon Metrology, Zeiss, Mahr, Wenzal, Nikon, Mitutoyo and lots more. It was interesting to see first-hand the continuation of the trend of the large metrology groups like Hexagon and Zeiss acquiring the smaller boutique operations such as AICON 3D now part of Hexagon and Steinbichler now part of the Zeiss group. No doubt this trend will continue as these large groups are seeking to grow year on year – not just through organic growth but through acquisition and takeovers etc.

Also interesting to observe and to note that many of the smaller exhibitors from years gone by have now taken huge steps and with greater success have invested in larger and more sophisticated stands at Control – a real sign of the strength and the health of the manufacturing sector and the related metrology and testing industries.

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