Market Sectors

Here are some examples of where measurement and testing technologies are helping customers to improve productivity and quality across a wide range markets.

Automotive, Truck and Bus

Applications in the automotive, truck and bus industries are many and varied but include flush and gap measurement, 3D measurement of components and assemblies, residual torque in bolting plus many more.

Measurement and testing equipment used in this sector needs to be reliable, highly accurate and above all else very repeatable.

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In the aerospace OEM and with maintenance repair organisations (MROs) we see a growing uptake of technologies such as the 8tree dentCHECK system a structured light scanning system for detecting aircraft surface damage as well as the use of other technologies such as LaserGauge for flush and gap measurement and even technologies such as the Alicona EdgeMaster system for measuring cutting tools such as drills used to machine composite panels.

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In the mining sector we see a growing use of scanning systems to digitise worn components so that new parts can be fabricated as well as the measurement of surface roughness on machined components such as shafts and bearings with products such as the portable Taylor Hobson Surtronic DUO and S100 systems as well as the Talysurf range of products in the Lab for bearing wear analysis.

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In the rail sector we also see a growing use of surface roughness measuring equipment for machined wagon wheels and bearing journals as well as products such as portable arm CMM and laser trackers for measuring large sized components in the workshop as well as in the field with high accuracy and efficiency.

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In the medical environment with medical device manufacturers we see products like vision systems being used to measure small and intricate components. We also see manufacturers needing to test packaging materials and the performance of critical components with force testing systems to measure peel, adhesion and burst strength as well as many others.

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Manufacturing requires a whole range of measuring equipment in order to assure quality and to enhance productivity. Equipment ranging from basic hand tools such as micrometers and digital calipers to height gauges right up to 3D CNC-controlled CMM systems are widely used in today’s modern manufacturing environments.

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Both the tooling manufacturing industry and the machine tool sector are gaining substantial productivity benefits with the use of the latest advances in measurement and scanning technologies from products such as the Alicona InfiniteFocus systems for measuring tool cutting edge geometry, wear and sharpness characteristics.

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Sheet Metal

Sheet metal products manufacturers need fast and reliable measurement techniques and fortunately some of the latest field-of-view non-contact measuring systems from InpectVision in Northern Ireland with the Planar systems are currently the fastest way to inspect 2D sheet metal panels and products.

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In the building sector there is a need for fast, mid-accuracy measuring systems in order to accurately plan and install fixtures and fittings, staircases and other complex structures inside buildings – quickly and easily. Products such as the Leica 3D  Disto are helping renovators, kitchen installers and other building contractors with these types of tasks – saving the industry time and money.

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The defence sector requires high quality and highly reliable equipment for measurement and testing. Products such as alignment telescopes from Taylor Hobson are used for accurate shaft alignment as well as other specialist applications such as periscope alignment.

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Education & Research

In the education and research and development sectors equipment needs to be reliable, easy to use and of the latest technology in order to teach students about the latest advances and developments in order to give them the essential experience before their future careers in industry. Similarly the research community needs ground-breaking technology to help with their research projects for pure research as well as for projects in collaboration with industry with products such as surface roughness and analysis tools from Taylor Hobson.

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In the shipbuilding sector both long range measurement systems such as laser trackers from API as well as fit-out systems such as portable measuring arms, 3D laser distance measurement system and widely used. Laser projection systems from LAP Laser also help with the accurate alignment of components and panels in assemblies. These tools allow shipbuilders to achieve productivity benefits and help to reduce time delays and costly rework.

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