Applications include inspection of aircraft damage and quantifying defects in high-value aircraft components.

Requirements in the Aerospace

In the aircraft maintenance and aerospace sectors, it is critical to document compliance or conformance to the OEM aircraft specifications.

Critical issues include

  • Compliance to specification
  • Report non-conformance
  • Minimize time aircraft is on the ground

Maintenance repair organisations (MROs) need to repair aircraft damage to either repair or seek assistance as to the disposition of the aircraft.

Products such as the dentCHECK system from 8tree in Germany help MROs quickly and efficiently assess the size and position of aircraft damage, reducing the time on the ground for airline operators.

Products such as 4D Inspec from US developer 4D Technology help MROs measure surface defects in aircraft components. In some cases, the flaws can’t either be measured or cannot be quantitatively assessed.

Other Sectors



3D scanning systems to digitise worn components so that new parts can be fabricated as well as the measurement of surface roughness on machined components and shafts.



Surface roughness measuring equipment for machined wagon wheels and bearing journals as well as products such as portable arm CMM and laser trackers for measuring large-sized components.


In the medical environment with medical device manufacturers, products like vision systems being used to measure small and intricate components.

Typical Applications

Aircraft damage, blend-out after repairs and dimensional conformance are critical functions of metrology equipment used in the aircraft repair industry.

Aircraft damage from bird strikes, lightning or AOG incidents

When there is damage on an aircraft from bird strike, lightning or on-ground damage a very innovative solution from 8tree is available. The dentCHECK system is a structured light system that projects the surface condition directly onto the aircraft fuselage or wing.

This system is now well accepted and in use by MROs all around the world.

Flush & Gap measurement

The measurement of flushness and fit between panels is also very important in the aircraft industry and products such as 8tree stepCHECK help manufacturers to ensure that the fit between panels meets or exceeds the specified requirements.

Blend-out on wings and leading edges

Blend-out for corrosion or damage is a regular occurrence in the MRO sector and operators are increasingly looking for tools that help them determine the remaining material condition after blend-out to ensure conformance to the OE aircraft manufacturers’ specifications. Tools such as dentCHECK and the innovative set of reporting tools that now comes as part of this system are gaining popularity amongst the world’s leading MRO organisations.

Dimensional conformance on engine cowlings

Jet engine repairers are turning to products such as TESA Unimaster to help accurately ensure the overall diameter of large components such as engine cowlings after repair.

Surface Defect Inspection and Measurement

The 4D Inspec product from Nanometrics helps aircraft MROs to assess and quantify surface defects in high-value aircraft and aerospace components using polarised structured light technology to measure defects from 5 µm to 9 mm in depth – producing a full 3D report of the defect. This allows, in some cases, machined parts which would have previously been scrapped to be salvaged as it can be shown that they conform to specification.

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