The defence sector uses products such as the Metronor M-Scan 120 system for large scale measurement.

Requirements in the Defence Sector

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The defence sector requires robust measuring equipment that is reliable, accurate and highly portable in order to support projects both in the workshop as well as field service activities with support groups and remote locations.

Equipment such as portable arm CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers, optical telescopes and structured light scanners, in the main, tend to meet these requirements criterion and have performances that meets or surpasses the expectations of defence personnel and clients.

Other Sectors

Education & Research

The research community needs ground-breaking technology to help with their research projects for pure research as well as for projects in collaboration with industry.



In the shipbuilding sector both long-range measurement systems such as laser trackers from API as well as fit-out systems such as portable measuring arms, and 3D laser distance measurement systems and widely used.

Auto, Truck & Bus

Applications include flush and gap measurement of panels, 3D measurement of components and assemblies, residual torque in bolting plus many more.

Typical Applications

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Aircraft fuselage or wing damage

Products such as the 8tree dentCHECK are finding use with defence customers in Australia and New Zealand to help reduce the time it takes to map aircraft damage to report the damage condition to the aircraft manufacturer. Reduced time to map and report damage means lower maintenance costs for defence customers and a faster turnaround time on the ground for military aircraft.

Workshop maintenance and support applications

We have a number of customers in the Defence sector who are using measurement equipment such as optical comparators, CMMs and roundness measuring systems such as Taylor Hobson Talyrond for measuring, inspecting and reporting on components being manufactured as well as the maintenance of existing systems.

These products allow the defence departments and the support contract community to accurately produce and assure the quality of components manufactured in order to achieve high levels of equipment up-time and improvements in reliability.

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Rotor Stack Prediction

Defence customers use products such as Taylor Hobson/Precitech SPS 1000 rotor stack prediction system to accurately align jet engine turbine blades after maintenance.

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