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Requirements in the Manufacturing Sector

Here there is a need for speed and efficiency with any measurement processes undertaken with competitiveness and the ability to meet the challenges of export markets is always a key driver of the uptake of technology.

Measurement equipment employed in the manufacturing sector needs to be easy to use, easy to maintain and highly productive and any systems used will have to meet the needs of a constantly changing manufacturing environment and in some cases adaptable to multiple product types and variation.

Typical Applications

High speed measurement of complex 3D components

The mainstay for measuring complex 3D components in the manufacturing industry for the last 20 to 30 years has been the coordinate measuring machine or CMM.

These days with full CNC and DCC controlled CMM systems coupled with high technology motorised probe heads and touch trigger probing systems and excellent software automatic CMMs are now becoming the norm in manufacturing. The latest trends are steering the industry towards the use of multiple sensors on CMMs such as vision systems and laser scanning heads in order to gain the maximum efficiency from the measurement system.

2D dimensional measurement and inspection

The use of micrometers and vernier calipers has been widespread in manufacturing industry for many years now. However the uptake of new digital technology with these instruments as well as IP67 coolant protection and digital output for SPC reporting is now starting to become the way of the future for all manufacturers. The TESA range from Switzerland is an extensive range of hand measuring tools and height gauges that enable manufacturers to assure and have total confidence in their product quality.

Key Markets

More Information

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