Product News

Automated Precision Inc. (API) announced in October 2018 the launch of a three product range in their Radian laser tracker product. The Radian features both interferometer (IFM) and automatic distance measurement (ADM) technologies in the Radian lasr tracker and now introduces three new variations of the Radian product, the Radian Core, Radian – PLUS and Radian PRO.

The Radian Core is an IFM/ADM laser tracker with either 50 or 80 metre range and is an SMR only system. Whilst the Radian – PLUS is again an IFM/ADM laser tracker with 50 or 80 metre range and capable of measuring in 6 degrees of freedom with API Active Target system. It also integrates with API’s probing and scanning systems the vProbe and i360 laser scanners.

The Radian PRO, also IFM/ADM is available in 20,50 and 80 measurement ranges and is the laser tracker to use when specifying API’s new 6DOF Smart Track target system for robotic tracking.