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May 8, 2014 | Met Optix News

We are pleased to be able to announce the launch and publish our new website today.  It’s still being developed as we speak but we wanted to get something up on the web to tell everybody about our new metrology and testing products division – Met Optix, a division of DWE Systems Pty. Ltd.

Met Optix has been established to help customers find simpler and easier-to-use metrology solutions for their business.  What we have found in the past is that metrology products and particularly the software that runs them are very complicated to use and usually required a highly skilled and trained metrologist to run these systems.  What we wanted to do was to provide alternative solutions for our customers which are easier to use, and more user friendly, and would hope will allow our customers to move the inspection processes closer to production and to incoming goods area of their businesses – saving time and money and improving productivity.

Over the next coming weeks, we will have a number of new and exciting announcements to make about new products, new partners and our new metrology business as it starts to take shape.  As they say in the classics – watch this space!

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