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How are your metrology systems currently? Could they use an update or a review? Why not take advantage of our free metrology needs assessment.

What metrology products do we need for our business?

Why not take advantage of an obligation free and cost-free on-site assessment of the future metrology needs of your business?

Find out how to evaluate and assess the requirements – both present and into the future of an organization’s requirements for metrology products and systems in order to achieve the on-going quality improvement objectives and sustainable improvements in productivity.

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How Does It Work?

After contacting Met Optix, we will arrange for an obligation-free site visit when convenient to your operational requirements.

Once on-site we will study and review your current measurement systems and overall approach to quality, measurement repeatability and systems controls.

We then report this information back to customers in a formal written report along with our recommendations for improvements or future strategies – all of this is obligation-free and brand neutral. In other words, we won’t just be saying that you need to use our products, but instead we could be making statements such as “… that potentially an automated 3D measuring system may help to improve your productivity”.

Just complete the Form on this page and we’ll be in touch with you within 24-hours to arrange to talk about your business and to arrange for an obligation-free assessment of your future quality needs.


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