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We have some of the best metrology and testing products available from anywhere in the world. Find our more.
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Roundness Measurement

Choose from Taylor Hobson’s shopfloor Surtronic or the original Talyrond roundness measurement systems.

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Alignment and Level Products

Choose from Taylor Hobson or TESA level products –  Talyvel and Clinobevel, autocollimators and alignment telescopes.

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LaserGauge Flush and Gap Measurement

LaserGauge – the first and the best laser and gap measuring system from Origin Technologies in the USA.

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Torque Measurement

ASI Datamyte’s class-leasing toque solution, the LightStar torque wrench coupled with 600 data collector is a complete torque measurement and recording system.

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LAP Laser Projection

LAP Laser projection systems help manufacturers to quickly and accurately assemble large products on the assembly-line or in lay-out  bays using CAD data.

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Nirox manufacturers a number of complete solutions for measuring thickness – particularly of clear or translucent materials such as glass, quartz and plastics.

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