Taylor Hobson roundness measurement systems

Taylor Hobson’s range includes both the shop-floor Surtronic as well as the famous Talyrond roundness measurement systems. Measure the roundness and run-out of cylindrical components such as machined shafts, camshafts and crankshafts.

  • Surtronic R50 – R80 and R100
  • Talyrond TR 365-385, 450, 465-485, 565-585, 595 and 595H
  • Talyseries
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Talyval 6

Alignment and levelness measurement products

Measure flatness of machined surfaces, align shafts and bearings and measure straightness and twist. Choose from Taylor Hobson and TESA ranges

  • Taylor Hobson Talyvel
  • TESA Clinobevel,
  • Taylor Hobson autocollimators and micro-alignment telescopes.
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LaserGauge flush & gap measurement

LaserGauge – the first and the best laser and gap measuring system from Origin Technologies in the USA. Widely used to audit and measure the fit between door, boot and bonnet panels in automotive applications.

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flush and gap measurement with LaserGauge on auto panels
High QA Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager from High QA

Inspection Manager is a complete quality planning system that starts with one-click ballooning of PDF drawings and 3D CAD models. Once the drawing is ballooned an Inspection Plan is then generated. Data import from CMM, hand measuring tools and other devices can then be used to directly input data into the PPAP or inspection reports for customers.

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Datamyte torque measurement

Datamyte’s class-leading torque solution, the LightStar torque wrench coupled with 600 data collector is a complete torque measurement and recording system.

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LAP laser projection systems

LAP Laser projection systems

LAP Laser projection systems help manufacturers to quickly and accurately assemble large products on the assembly line or in lay-out bays using CAD data.

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Thickness measurement of transparent products

Nirox manufacturers a number of complete solutions for measuring thickness – particularly of clear or translucent materials such as glass, quartz and plastics.

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Nirox thickness measurement for clear materials