Our portable arm products range includes products such as portable arm CMMs, software ad 3D laser scanners.

Portable measuring arms

Our range of portable measuring arms includes the full range of 6 and 7-axis EVO models from RPS Metrology in Italy along with the Master3DGage 1.2 metre 6-axis arm from Verisurf software.

New to our portable arm range is the COORD 3 ECHO and API portable arms manufactured by Kreon Technologies in France in both 6 and 7-axis models.

API portable arm manufactured by Kreon
portable measuring arms

3D laser scanners

Our 3D laser scanners complement the portable measuring arm range with the XR and XOR models from RPS Metrology and the Skyline Eyes scanner range from Kreon Technologies on the API and COORD3 ECHO PRO range of portable arms.

There is even a scanner available for the six-axis Master3DGage, manufactured by Hexagon Metrology.


Verisurf software

Verisurf is the leading model-based definition (MBD) metrology software. Available in a range of modules for differing measurement, inspection and tool building tasks.

Verisurf is also packaged in a number of measurement suites for 3D Scanning and Inspection, 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering and Tool Building and Inspection.

Verisurf's GUI