Met Optix offers customers an extensive range of world-class metrology and testing products and the latest technologies from leading manufacturers from around the World!

Coordinate Measuring Machines

We offer a full range of CMMs from leading Italian-manufacturer COORD 3 with bridge, gantry and horizontal arm configurations plus TouchDMIS and Verisurf software, Renishaw motorized heads and probing systems and the new V7 laser scanning solution from Perceptron for COORD3 CMMs

As well as CMMs we offer a full range of CMM fixturing systems and accessories from Inspection Arsenal.


Coordinate Measuring Machines

Full range of CMMs from leading Italian-manufacturer COORD 3 with bridge, gantry and horizontal arm configurations plus TouchDMIS and Verisurf software, CMM fixtures and accessories from Inspection Arsenal.

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Starrett HE400 optical comparator

Optical and Vision Products

Optical and vision systems products include Starrett comparator and vision systems, SmartVision field-of-view systems and specialist sheet metal systems from InspecVision such as the class-leading Planar systems.

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Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arm products are manually-operated coordinate measuring systems capable of measuring volumes of up to 7m in diameter with the EVO range from RPS Metrology from Italy. These products can also be supplied with a laser scanner for 3D measurement or reverse engineering with Verisurf software.

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8Tree inspection tool


The scanner range offered includes structured light scanners, laser scanners and video-camera based scanning systems as well as specialist surface inspection systems from 8tree with the dentCHECK system for aircraft MRO applications.

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Radian with I-360

Long Distance Measurement

Long distance measuring products include laser trackers from API a 3D long-distance coordinate measuring system and the 3D Disto product from Leica Geosystems for positional accuracy in architectural and building applications.

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Imacon Color Scanner

Hand Tools and Height Gauges

The hand measurement tools and height gauge range from TESA Technology are Swiss-made and the best in the world. A full range is offered including digital and analogue calipers and micrometers, dial indicators, internal bore measurement, length measurement, machine probes and display units and mush more.

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Taylor Hobson Surtronic DUO

Form and Roughness Measurement

Form and roughness measuring products include products from Taylor Hobson with the hand-held Surtronic range and tactile systems such as INTRA and the industry-standard Talysurf systems. 3D non-contact systems from Alicona measure both surface roughness and form in the one instrument in the tooling, forensic, aerospace and medical sector.

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Ester Segarra

Roundness Measurement

Roundness measurement products from Taylor Hobson include the industry-standard Talyrond range with ultimate accuracy and repeatability in measurement. Range includes small portable units in the Surtronic range up to large floor-standing systems capable of measuring roundness in shafts up to 1 metre or more in length with micron accuracy.

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CAD-PRO_web_0-1_2016-03-07 (1)

Laser Projection Systems

Laser projection systems from LAP Laser helps manufacturers to improve productivity by accurately projecting a template of the required assembly onto a bench or the wall so that accurate and time saving labour enhancements can be made.

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Flush & Gap Measurement

Flush and gap measuring systems such as LaserGauge help manufacturers to measure and control the gaps between adjoining panels and flushness between two panels, both quickly and easily.

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Torque Measurement

Torque measurements products from ASI Datamyte include the innovative LightStar wireless and wired range of hand-held torque wrenches and when coupled with a 600 Data Collector constitute a complete mobile torque measuring package for industry.

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Testing Products

Testing products that we currently have in our range include: force measurement, materials testing (tensile systems) from Starrett and a complete range of portable and fixed hardness testing systems from Innovatest from The Netherlands.

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