3D laser scanning

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How do 3D laser scanners work?

3D laser scanning is the process of collecting 3D data, usually with a laser line scanner. A line of laser light passes over the surface being scanned, and the shape of the surface distorts the laser beam, and with the aid of a camera, and triangulation, the distortion becomes 3D point data. As the scanner is moved across the surface, more lines of scan data are collected, and a resulting 3D point cloud is produced.

3D laser scanning range

World-class 3D laser scanning products.

Our range of 3D laser scanning systems come as part of a portable measuring arm solution.

The range includes RPS Metrology R-Scan and S-Scan systems, Kreon Technologies Solano Blue and Skyline range for API and COORD3 branded arms and the Hexagon-manufactured 3D scanner for the Verisurf Master3D Gage

Software offered as standard for the range of scanners Verisurf, although other packages can be supplied.

R-EVO S-SCAN and R-EVO R-SCAN scanners

RPS Metrology

The R-SCAN BLUE Laser Line Probe is an optically-superior blue laser technology, based on R-EVO 7 axes arm. It delivers very good scanning results with higher resolution and low noise, enabling it to capture smaller details in an object. The blue laser provides a fast and accurate solution for 3D Inspection or Reverse-Engineering.
The R-SCAN with its 400Hz sample count frequency gives a new level of experience for a lightning-fast acquiring speed.

Similarly, the S-SCAN BLUE Laser Line Probe, is an optically-superior blue laser technology, based on R-EVO 7 axes arm. It delivers very good scanning results with higher resolution and low noise, enabling it to capture smaller details in an object.

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Kreon Skyline laser scanner

Skyline scanners

Kreon Technologies

The range of Kreon scanners that support either the API or the COORD3 range of portable arms includes both Solano and Skyline ranges.

The Solano is a high accuracy blue line 3D scanner and the new Skyline ranges are available in three models Open, Wide and Eyes.

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Hexagon Metrology

The Verisurf Master3DGage can be fitted with an optional 3D laser scanner. Manufactured by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, it is the only scanner available for a six-axis portable arm.

Very affordable and highly accurate and easy to use it is an ideal upgrade for users wanting to inspect non-prismatic parts to a 3D CAD model as well as for reverse engineering.

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Master3DGage and Scanner

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Master3DGage laser line scanner in action!

The Master3DGage laser line scanner is the only laser scanner in our range that can be fitted to a 6-axis portable measuring arm, making it very affordable and effective for laser scanning work and reverse engineering.

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3D laser scanner range

RPS Metrology is a leader in the manufacture of laser line scanners. Here is a summary of the range of laser line scanners offered.

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