Coordinate measuring machines

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What are CMMs?

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are machines that measure physical components in three dimensions by using a touch probe to locate surfaces and then through the use of CMM software to compute geometric features such as circles, planes, and more.

As production changes, quality standards need to keep pace. Coordinate measuring machines can provide 3D measurement solutions in almost every industry where accuracy, repeatability, and automated dimensional inspection are required.

Different types of CMMS?

Bridge CMMs are the most common and are used across all types of industry.

Gantry CMMs are usually specified where large parts need to be measured such as the automotive, aerospace and mining sectors.

Finally, there is the horizontal arm type of CMM – either single or twin arms and mainly used in the automotive sector.

Right software?

CMM software is usually supplied with the purchase of a new CMM, which in some cases can limit choice and reduce future flexibility.

If possible choose an open-source CMM software platform for your CMM rather than the OEM’s own developed software which may lock you into using that particular brand in the future.

Typical CMM package

  • CMM
  • Controller for CMM
  • CMM measurement software and computer
  • Indexing head and probing system
  • Fixtures to hold parts to be measured
Kronos bridge CMM


Choose the right type and size of CMM

Choose the right CMM for your products. This usually means a bridge CMM for most applications, but for some applications such as measuring large parts, a gantry-style CMM is a good choice.

Choose a CMM size larger than the largest part you expect to measure, allowing for future expansions or new business. Also, allow space for the indexing head to index at ninety degrees to accommodate probing on the side of the part.


Choose the right type and size of CMM

It is important to have the latest versions of CMM software installed on your CMM in order to achieve the best possible measurement efficiencies and to ensure that measurement reporting is capable of interpreting the latest GD&T call-out on drawings and CAD models.

With the constant updates of CAD software packages, it is important to have CMM software that will enable the importing of native CAD files into the software to avoid errors and to ensure full compatibility.

Renishaw PH20


Choose the right indexing head and probing systems

It is critical to select the right indexing head and probing system at the start of your CMM specification process. The wrong components may limit your ability to upgrade or get the best use out of the system in the future. Choose from quality systems such as Renishaw’s PH10 range of motorized indexing heads and touch-trigger probe systems.


Invest in CMM operator training

While the CMM software installed on the CMMs supplied by Met Optix is predominately straightforward to use TouchDMIS CAD package, it is still important to reinforce the skills and competencies of CMM operators to achieve maximum productivity out of any CMM. With advances in CAD formats and regular updates in the software releases, continuous hands-on experience and familiarity of the CMM system are critical to instil confidence and assist production with validation and first article submission tasks.

online training

Met Optix is the COORD3 sales and support partner for Australia and New Zealand for the complete range of CMMs, portable measuring arms and CMM software such as TouchDMIS.

We also sell and support both Metrolog and Verisurf AUTOMATE software for CMMs. Our COORD3 CMMs are supplied with Renishaw controllers, indexing heads and probing systems for easy access to spare parts and local support. We supply CMM fixtures from Phillips Precision in the US with their Inspection Arsenal Lok-N-LoadTM range.

Why buy a COORD3 CMM?

The COORD3 range of CMMs is manufactured in the COORD3 factory in Turin, Italy, with COORD3 having around 5,000 machines installed in all countries worldwide. Renown particularly for their larger gantry and horizontal arm CMMs, COORD3 manufacturers the CMM frames for other well-known CMM brands, including Zeiss.

COORD3 is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-quality CMMs and gaining market share in Australia and New Zealand. The range includes both manual and CNC CMMs in bridge, gantry and horizontal arm systems suitable for almost any industrial application. With thousands of machines and measuring systems installed worldwide, COORD3 can guarantee the highest quality products to customers, distributors and partners.

COORD3 CMM range and models


Manual – Benchmark and ARES



MCT, MCT Starlight, and MCT Plus

Horizontal arm

Swan SI, Swan L, and Jupiter

Support for COORD3 CMMs

The range of services offered starts with basic technical telephone and consultation and progresses through on-site calibrations, repair, and maintenance. Finally, more complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades complete the picture.

By only supplying the highest quality products, our customers can be confident that their measurement results will be accurate and repeatable; high-quality measurement systems are critical to achieving consistency in measurement goals.

Contract measurement

Use our contract measurement services when you need extra measurement capacity or for assessing new measurement technologies prior to purchase.
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Calibration & verification

Rely on annual equipment calibration or verification from factory-trained personnel to maintain the accuracy and repeatability of your valuable metrology equipment.
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Software support

Software is essential for the operation and data collection for most of the metrology products that we sell. Make sure that you can rely on great support and help with your software.
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Get training to acquire or enhance skills on metrology software and measurement systems in order to maximize the return on your investment.
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Need a new CMM?

Let’s talk options.

Latest developments in CMMs from COORD3

Perceptron’s new V7 scanner offers high-quality scanning at an affordable price to maximize the use of your COORD3 coordinate measuring machine.

CMM Range

The COORD3 range of CMMs consist of an entire portfolio of Bridge, Gantry and Horizontal Arm models from the smallest size Benchmark 5.4.4 to the gigantic MCT NT-L gantry 60.25.18 and beyond! The vast majority of COORD3 CMMs in the range are direct computer-controlled (DCC), although there are a small number of manual systems available in the Benchmark and ARES ranges.

Latest success stories

The majority of the installations in Australia so far have been with the very popular ARES range of bridge-type CNC CMMs with the 10.07.07 size and Renishaw PH10 series of motorized indexing heads the most common configuration.

In Australia and New Zealand customers using COORD3 CMMs are defence and aerospace contractors, oil and gas component suppliers, and general contract machining businesses, where the flexibility and ease of use of the CMM are important considerations.

COORD3 CMMs in the Press

Here we feature the latest stories and users experiences with COORD3 CMMs in the press.

What else do we need?

When considering the purchase of a new CMM a number of other items must also be considered. These include CMM software, the CMM controller, indexing head and probing systems, fixturing and the environment for the CMM itself.

CMM Software

Met Optix offers three different software packages for COORD3 CMMs.

  • TouchDMIS
  • Metrolog X4 or
  • Verisurf Automate

Indexing and probing systems

Most often we supply the Renishaw PH10M+ motorized indexing head or occasionally the 5-axis PH20M, manual PH6 and MH20i systems.

Touch trigger probing is usually the reliable and very popular TP20 and a 4-port probe rack is normally bundled with the system.

Part fixturing

Fixturing is important to ensure repeatable measurements and so that CMM programs have a consistent reference point from which to start.

  • Lok-N-Load fixturing systems or
  • Custom-design fixtures