Alicona InfiniteFocus Systems

High-resolution 3D non-contact measurement technology that measures both form and surface roughness with one system.

Use non-contact focus variation technology to measure 3D contour and roughness

Why use Alicona InfiniteFocus for your non-contact form measurement system?

At MET OPTIX, we pride ourselves on providing world-class metrology and testing solutions. Our range of Alicona InfiniteFocus Systems offers high-resolution 3D contact measurement technology, allowing you to accurately measure both form and surface roughness with just one system. Sourced from Alicona, a trusted partner since 2014, our Focus Variation products are designed to meet the needs of various industries, including tooling, note printing, universities, and law enforcement. 

With over 20 years of experience, Alicona has established a reputation for superior quality and outstanding performance. Whether you’re considering a focus variation system or looking for surface roughness and contour measurement, our team is here to guide you in choosing the right Alicona system for your specific requirements. Contact us today for more information or a free quote. 

Years Established

Completed Projects

Alicona InfiniteFocus Range


InfiniteFocus G6

The new InifinteFocus focus variation system G6, features a brand-new Real3D rotation unit with improved stability and performance, enhanced processing speed, and the new Alicona Met Max measurement software.



μCMM is the most accurate purely optical micro-coordinate measuring system in its class.

InfiniteFocus SL

With the InfiniteFocusSL you are able to measure the form and roughness of your components with only one system. In addition, colour images with high contrast and depth of focus are achieved.



The EdgeMaster group of products consists of three models: EdgeMaster, EdgeMaster X, and EdgeMaster Hob.



IF-SensorR25 is a solid-state optical 3D measurement instrument for automated form and roughness measurement in production.


Cobot Solutions

Alicona offers a wide range of cobot solutions that incorporate the IF-Sensor R25 for in-process inspection and measurement applications.


Portable RL

PortableRL is a mobile 3D measurement system for quality assurance of micro-structured surfaces.



The IF-Profiler is a handheld 3D roughness measurement system for high-resolution measurement of surface finish.

Alicona Has Over 20 Years’ Experience.

Alicona has been manufacturing focus variation systems in Austria for over 20 years with superior quality and outstanding performance.

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Considering a Focus Variation System?

Focus variation systems are a significant investment for any manufacturer and have proven over time to be indispensable to many of our customers. Here we discuss the some of key steps in the decision making process.

Looking for both surface roughnes and contour measurement?

Alicona systems are unique in that they collect 3D data which enables both surface roughness and profile measurements to be analyzed in a non-contact system.

Focus variation technology is the basis on which all Alicona InfiniteFocus systems operate and distinct fro other technologies such as confocal and interferometry.

What Alicona System Should We Choose?

Alicona manufactures a whole range of InfiniteFocus focus variation systems ranging from the new G6 system down to the EdgeMaster and Sensor-only systems. The size of the parts to be measured and hence the stage or platform size are usually the determining factors as to which model in the Alicona range to choose.

Can We Use an Alicona System as a CMM?

Yes! The new Alicona uCMM is a true 3D CMM fitted with a non-contact focus variation sensor. 3D measurements can now be accurately determined and positioned.


New Alicona systems are supplied with the Alicona LaboratoryMeasurement module as well as the new METMAX software which allows the comparison of point cloud data sets to a 3D CAD model for metrology application and GD&T reporting.

Customer Testimonials

“InfiniteFocus with Real3D is the most efficient measurement system we know. No other device can deliver such a detailed visualization nor could it possibly measure both, geometry and surface quality.”


Technical Manager, Sutton Tools


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