What is Alicona focus variation technology?

Focus-variation, the core technique of the InfiniteFocus line, combines the traditional surface metrology and the micro coordinate measurement technology. Users measure form plus roughness with only one system.


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Features and benefits of focus variation technology?

  • Able to measure steep flanks on parts.
  • Can measure both roughness and form in the one machine.
  • Can be integrated into production with the use of Cobots.
  • Leading solution for the measurement of edges in cutting tools.
Alicona focus variation technology

Why choose Alicona focus variation technology?

  • Cost of ownership
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable levels of measurement accuracy

Markets and Applications

  • Aerospace:
  • Automotive:
  • Injection Moulding:
  • Additive Manufacturing:
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceutics:
  • Micro-precision manufacturing, and more:

Service and support

Our customer support services are aimed at complimenting our range of products with a full suite of after sales support and service.

Support services range from basic technical telephone consultations, progressing through to on-site calibrations, repair and maintenance and finally more complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades, complete the picture.

High quality

All of the products that we supply, including the Alicona range of focus variation systems, are of the highest quality and are sourced from the World's leading manufacturers!
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Selection & Advice

We know focus variation systems and can help you choose the right product, including focus variation software such as GOM Inspect for your application and to suit your budget.
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Competitive pricing

We aim to provide the best products available at a competitive price in order to deliver the most compelling value proposition for the very latest metrology and testing products.
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After-Sales Support

Once the product is installed and commissioned it up to us to make sure that your measurement system operates efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.
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Latest Alicona Magazine!

The latest edition of the Alicona “That’s Metrology” magazine for May 2020 has just been released. Major new articles on new developments with cobots as well as the new Alicona vertical probing technology are discussed.

To read the magazine yourself, click on the link below!

Latest Success Stories

Alicona focus variation technology is at the forefront for developing new applications in the global industrial, aerospace, medical, mining, and automotive sectors.

Our successes so far in Australia with Alicona focus variation systems involve customers in the tooling, Government, research & development, and other sectors.

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Product Range

Alicona now part of Bruker Inc. is rapidly gaining market-share globally for technologies such as focus variation systems with their InfiniteFocus range of products. The range is extensive and includes all types of focus variation systems including CMMs automation systems and sensors as well as the core InfiniteFocus systems.

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