alignment and levelness measurement systems

Alignment and levelness measurement?

Alignment measurement systems help to align machine tools, flat surfaces and objects. These systems are used to measure flatness, straightness, parallelism and angles of shafts, laboratory equipment and surface plates.

Levelness systems, as the name suggests measure how level or flat surfaces are compared to gravity. These systems help in the installation of machine tools and other high-precision equipment, to ensure optimum on-going operation.

Range of alignment and levelness systems

Visual and Ultra dual axis

Alignment Telescopes:

Laser Alignment:
Micro-alignment system

Taylor Hobson Talyvel 6, and digital inclinometers and TESA Clinobevel 1 and 3

Taylor Hobson Talyval levelness measuring system
Taylor Hobson Autocollimator

Key brands

We offer the full range of alignment and levelness measurement products including autocollimators, micro-alignment telescopes and laser alignment systems from world-leader Taylor Hobson.

We also offer electronic levels and clinometers from both TESA and Taylor Hobson.

Recently we have added the laser alignment systems from Pinpoint Laser in the USA to our product range.


Taylor Hobson’s Digital Autocollimator/collimator is designed for measuring angle, straightness, flatness, squareness and parallelism. It is easy to measure the surface flatness, straightness, angle, straightness, twist, and parallelism.

The Ultra autocollimator is used extensively in workshops, tool rooms, (two-axis straightness measurement), inspection departments and quality control, laboratories throughout the world.

Taylor Hobson optical alignment system
Taylor Hobson telescope system

Alignment telescopes

The micro alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight for applications such as the alignment and measurement of bearings and bores read more.

A high resolution digital imaging system using CCD technology. Software automatically senses the centre position of the target and calculates displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast setup time with repeatable readings read more.

The alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight by utilising the parallelism and co-axiality of its optical to mechanical axis providing alignment axis of 0.05 mm over 30 metres read more.

CCTV camera and software allows users to select a range of magnifications from x2 to x8 for ease of viewing read more.

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Laser alignment systems

Pinpoint laser systems products include:

  • Laser Microgage PRO – an innovative, precise laser measuring and alignment that makes a difference.
  • Laser Microgage 2D is a two-dimensional laser measuring and alignment in an easy-to-use, versatile and affordable package.
  • Laser Microgage 2000 – a single-axis precision laser alignment and measurement system made intuitive, versatile and affordable.

Inclinometers and levels

We offer electronic levels and clinometers from both TESA and Taylor Hobson.

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Service and support

Our support services are focused on providing the best possible customer service experience.

The range of services start with basic technical telephone consultations and then progresses through to on-site calibrations, repair and maintenance. Finally, more complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades complete the picture.

High quality

All of the products that we supply, including the Taylor Hobson, TESA and Pinpoint Laser range of optical and laser alignment and levelness measuring systems are of the highest quality and are sourced from the World's leading manufacturers!
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Selection & Advice

We know optical and levelness meaurement products and can help you choose the right product, including software for your application and to suit your budget.
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Competitive pricing

We aim to provide the best products available at a competitive price in order to deliver the most compelling value proposition for the very latest metrology and testing products.
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After-Sales Support

Once the product is installed and commissioned it up to us to make sure that your measurement system operates efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.
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Prism checking with Taylor Hobson Autocollimator

The prism checker uses the Taylor Hobson two axis digital Ultra Autocollimator, respected throughout the industry for its high accuracy and stability over a wide measurement range (1800 seconds). This is combined with a highly stable rotary stage which gives precision positioning and movement to less than 1 second.

Dedicated software allows programmes to be written, saved and recalled using a simple step-by-step process

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Product range

Our range of alignment and levelness measurement systems includes products from Taylor Hobson, TESA Technology and Pinpoint laser.

Taylor Hobson is a world leader in optical alignment and autocollimator systems and TESA Technology., part of Hexagon Metrology, is a leading Swiss manufacturer of an extensive range of hand tools, height gauges and levelness measurement products.

Pinpoint Laser, is a US-based manufacturer of a range of laser-based alignment and measuring systems for industry.

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