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Datamyte torque measurement

Measuring fastener torque and audit residual torque values has never been easier with the LightStar torque system and the Datamyte 600 data collector.

Whether your mission is assessing residual torque on previously tightened fasteners, measuring real-time dynamic torque on production power tools or precision torque on hand tightened joints, Datamyte’s Torque Management Solution has you covered.

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Product range

Torque Wrenches:
LightStar wired and wireless models

Data Collectors:
600-Series data collectors

TranSend II communication software

Service and support

We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services and support for all the products that we sell. This is achieved either directly through our own support team of factory-trained and certified technicians or for some products, with the help of our overseas partners.

The range of services offered starts with basic technical telephone and email communications and then progresses through on-site calibrations, repairs, and maintenance tasks. More complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades and project management services are also available.

High quality products

All of the products that we supply, including the Datamyte range of torque wrenches and data collectors, are of the highest quality and are sourced from the World's leading manufacturers!

Selection and advice

We know torque measurement and can help you choose the right product, including communication software such as TranSend II for your application and to suit your budget.

Competitive pricing

We aim to provide the best products available at a competitive price in order to deliver the most compelling value proposition for the very latest metrology and testing products.

After-sales support

Once the product is installed and commissioned it up to us to make sure that your measurement system operates efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.
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How does the LightStar system Work?

This video introduces the way the LightStar torque wrench and the 600 data collector work together to audit residual torque on fasteners.

Find out more by downloading a datasheet!

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Product range

Datamyte is world-famous for its data collection and measurement solutions. The range includes torque wrenches, data collector devices and communications software.

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