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What is Inspection Manager?

Your ultimate manufacturing Quality Management software

Managing your quality process doesn’t have to be difficult. Inspection Manager™ makes it simple. A fully integrated quality management software for the manufacturing, Inspection Manager brings flexibility, efficiency, and productivity to your quality process. Comprehensive automation tools reduce cost, prevent human interpretation errors, improve delivery time and part quality, ensuring your customers are always confident in your products.

Quality Planning

Quality planning starts with ballooning a drawing or 3D CAD model in order to define which are the key dimensions to measure and control.


Inspection of crucial features using the Inspection Plan with hand measuring tools and other measuring systems such as CMMs and vision systems allows timely data collection.


  • SPC
  • PPAP
  • FAI

Improve your business productivity

High QA Inspection Manager one-click automation starts with automated ballooning software and GD&T extraction from your 2D drawings and 3D models with PMI, then builds a complete bill of characteristics for the part. IM automatically adds missing 3D models and PMI data.

Import inspection results into High QA Inspection Manager automatically from CMM, VMM, and arm vendors. Enter shop floor data from other gauges and tools with the fully integrated IME/IMX applications.

Inspection Manager packages

Inspection Manager Work Flow

Inspection Manager workflow is simple and intuitive with one-click steps in most cases.

  1. Balloon drawings
  2. Issue ballooned drawing
  3. Import measurement results
  4. Real-time machine data collection
  5. Shop-floor interactive data collection
  6. Issue Inspection Reports
  7. Integrated SPC
  8. Gauge management

Balloon drawings

High QA Inspection Manager one-click automation starts with auto ballooning and GD&T extraction from your 2D drawings and 3D models with PMI, then builds a complete bill of characteristics for the part. IM automatically adds missing 3D models and PMI data. You can switch between metric or inches, setup the fully integrated SPC and build in-process inspection plans on the same platform.

Issue ballooned drawings

After ballooning the drawings, the next step is to create PDF ballooned drawings to issue to the shop floor.

Reports can be issued either electronically or via a printed report.

Import measurement results

Import inspection results into High QA Inspection Manager automatically from CMMs, vision measuring systems, portable arm CMMs and more. Enter shop floor data from other gauges and tools with a fully integrated IME/IMX tablet application.

Real-time machine data collection

Inspection Manager is capable of either manually or automatically importing inspection data from most brands of CMMs or other types of measuring systems as a CSV or TXT file in order to populate the Inspection Plan.

Shop-floor interactive data collection

Inspection Manager IME/IMX applications allow for data entry at the shopfloor – either manually with keyboard input or automatically with wireless hand measuring tools such as verniers and micrometers etc.

Issue Inspection Reports

Users create individual in-process and final inspection plans as needed. Each plan is a unique PDF file with the specific information needed at that step.


Automated SPC with Real-time Analysis and Alerts

High QA Inspection Manager provides the framework to establish a common set of standards and language for the manufacturing and quality departments to communicate effectively. The common language reduces downstream interpretations that often contribute to user data entry errors. This feature also eliminates redundant efforts, minimizes material waste and ensures that accurate and trusted data is available. Real-time alerts enable appropriate corrective action to prevent unnecessary waste.

Integrated Tools & Gauge Management

An integrated tools and gauge management module within Inspection Manager allows users to keep an inventory of all of the measurement tools and gauges that are owned by the business – all maintained within the Inspection Manager centralised database – no more spreadsheets or paper-based systems to maintain.

The integrated tools and gauge management module also keeps track of gauge calibration records and can send out automatic alerts – both internally and externally when a gauge is scheduled for calibration.


Benefits of a Quality 4.0 Solution for Your Business

Our support services are focused on providing the best possible customer service experience.

The range of services start with basic technical telephone consultations and then progresses through to on-site calibrations, repair and maintenance. Finally, more complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades complete the picture.

High quality

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How does Inspection Manager work?

Inspection Manager offers a complete end-to-end solution for quality management systems processes.

Watch the video to see the whole Inspection Manager workflow and the possibilities that this powerful software can offer to your business!

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Software modules

Inspection Manager from High QA produces benefits in automating shop floor data collection in the manufacturing environment. Here are the typical configurations for Inspection Manager.

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