CMM Products include CMMs, CMM software, fixtures and probing systems as well as portable CMMs such as zCAT.

Coordinate-measuring machines

Choose from manual or DCC operation in bridge-style CMMs.

When large parts are required to be measured gantry or horizontal arm CMMs are the most suitable.

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TouchDMIS CMM software
CMM software Metrolog X4 for any CMM

CMM Software

CMM software products sold by Met Optix are suitable for both fixed and portable CMMs.

Verisurf AUTOMATE software is the right software choice if upgrading equipment such as the Renishaw Equator.

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CMM Fixtures & Accesssories

We supply a full range of motorized indexing heads, touch-trigger probes, probe racks and styli from Renishaw.

We also supply the new Perceptron V7 laser scanning system for COORD3 CMMs.

The Inspection Arsenal fixturing systems from Phillips Precision is a great modular approach to CMM part fixturing.

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CMM fixtures such as Lok-N-Load

EasyCMM - Universal I++ CMM server

Easy CMM from Globus Technical Equipment in Israel is a Universal CMM and is a unique way in which to connect virtually and brand of CMM with any brand of CMM software.

Easy CMM gives you the freedom to choose and the flexibility to decide your preferred measurement software and to connect it to your preferred coordinate measuring machine.

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Portable CMMs

The zCAT manufactured by Fowler Precision in the USA is the first truly portable DCC CMM.

With 4-axis of measurement movement with touch-trigger probes and 700 mm diameter x 250 mm high measuring volume this a real alternative to a bridge CMM for small parts.

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zCAT world's-first portable CMM
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