CMM Software

The powering force for driving and controlling your DCC CMM.

CMM software controls the DCC movement on automatic computer-controlled CMMs and provides all of the measurement computations and functionality in performing 3D measurement tasks.

From measuring and computing simple features such as lines, circles, planes, arcs, and radii to very complex tasks such as calculating the true position and other involved GD&T tasks, the CMM software package is a critical part of any modern CMM installation.


Software is critical for the efficient use and utilization of any CMM system. The choice of software is an important part of the decision-making process when specifying a new CMM.

Met Optix offers a wide choice of software platforms including Wenzel Quartis for WENZEL CMMs, TouchDMIS for COORD3 CMMs, and universal software packages such as Metrolog X4 from French-developer Metrogic and the very powerful package AUTOMATE from Verisurf Software.

About CMM Software

Quality CMM software is

  • Easy to use and to learn
  • Scaleable, can be upgraded later on
  • Imports the latest CAD formats and file types
  • Generates quality inspection reports

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CMM Software Options


WENZEL WM | Quartis

With WM | Quartis, WENZEL offers a new generation of innovative measurement software with a clear, flexible and result-oriented user interface for all industrial applications.


Metrolog X4

Metrolog X4 is a universal metrology software package that works on almost every CMM brand and any CMM controller. 



Verisurf AUTOMATE programs and operates CMMs faster, easier and at a lower cost with a 3D CAD measurement platform that automates all types and brands of coordinate measuring machines.



TouchDMIS CMM software from COORD3 is easy to learn and yet has all of the power and functionality required in CMM software.


The productivity of your CMM can be greatly enhanced by using the latest generation of CMM software from a reputable vendor.

How do we choose software for our CMM?

Software for CMMs when buying a new CMM is normally supplied by the CMM vendor. Typically this is the native software for the CMM manufacturer.

However, if you have a choice, choose an open-source software package, that allows you to upgrade or change later on. 

What is I++ and why do we need it?

I++ DME protocol is a system that allows open access to the CMM controller so that any CMM software can be operated on the machine and the error map can be accessed.

Can our software be upgraded later on?

It’s important to select CMM software that can be upgraded at a later stage if required.

Can we read the latest CAD files from our customers?

CAD software is continually being refined and upgraded and by having the latest version of CMM software on your CMM you are able to use the latest versions of any CAD file.

Are the reporting functions adequate for our customers?

Check out the reporting capabilities of any CMM software package and ensure that the reporting functionality will meet your customer’s requirements both now and in the future.

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