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Latest coordinate measuring machine technology from COORD3

COORD3 is a global leader in the supply of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and one of only a few suppliers capable of manufacturing the CMM structure from advanced alloy technology with its proven capabilities to react positively to thermal changes in today’s global manufacturing environments. Traditional granite coordinate measuring machine frames absorb thermal changes slowly having a negative effect on CMM accuracy for a prolonged period since granite can take a very long time to dissipate temperature changes.

The advanced manufacturing facility in Turin for COORD3 produces CMMs and CMM frames for other CMM brands such as Carl Zeiss and Nikon.

Today, with over 5,000 machines sold globally in almost every country around the world, the COORD3 range of CMMs include both manual and DCC bridge style CMMs, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs. A complete range of Portable arm CMMs are also manufactured.

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How do I find the right coordinate measuring machine for our business?

Many times we are told by customers that they want to buy a new CMM for their business, but how to you choose the right size, configuration, software and fixturing for your new CMM? Find out with an obligation-free needs assessment from Met Optix to make sure that you buy the right piece of equipment for your current and future applications.

4-Ways in Which We can Help Your Business

Our experienced team can advise on the best CMM product for your current and future applications, provide a tailored training package for TouchDMIS or Verisurf software, advise on probing systems, fixturing and spare parts for your equipment and offer a range of contract measurement services.

Product Selection and Advice

We can help by making recommendations on the right product for your application, based on your budget, the skills of our team and the operating conditions.

Product Support and Training

A comprehensive range of support services for your equipment is offered as is a full suite of training programs and tutoring with TouchDMIS and Verisurf software.

Calibration and Verification

Annual calibration of a CMM is recommended. We can help facilitate this either locally or with an on-site visit by a service engineer from COORD3 facilities in Southeast Asia.

Contract Measurement

We can provide cost-effective outcomes for any measurement task, from incoming inwards goods inspection to a new project for your business.

A Comprehensive Range of World-Class Coordinate Measuring Machines

The range of CMM products and accessories offered by Met Optix from COORD 3 our CMM Partner are the very best and the latest technologies from around the world. The CMM range includes, Bridge, Gantry and Horizontal Arm types with TouchDMIS software as well as a full range of Renishaw indexing heads, touch probe modules and styli.

Contract Measurement

Not sure whether you can justify the cost of a new coordinate measuring machine for your business? Why not contract Met Optix to measure your parts on a contract basis to start with in order to determine the costs savings that you can expect to make with your own equipment?
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What Our Customers are Saying....

Our customers are genuinely delighted with their new measuring system from Met Optix or one of our overseas Partners. Here we present some examples of the latest feedback from customers on their new metrology and testing products.

Need More Information?

Why not call us today for an obligation-free discussion regarding your measurement requirements and to see whether a coordinate measuring machine is the right piece of equipment for your application? Giving you the right information so that you can make an informed decision is our Number #1 priority.