A complete solution for measuring flush and gap and much more...

LaserGauge® from Origin Technologies.

We are pleased to be able to offer customers in Australia and New Zealand the complete range of gap. flush and seal gap measurement solutions from leading global technology provider – Origin Technologies of the USA.

Truly portable, PC-based or on-line systems, programmable for multiple applications. Measurement of varied surface contour features and characteristics: gap, flush, pitting, corrosion, wear, fastener height, weld characteristics, angles, radius of curvature and more.



Measurement of weld parameters such as weld bead convexity (height), concavity, width, panel mismatch, peaking (panel angle) and weld area.

Measurements include comparison to a tolerance band and quantitative indicators of radius quality.

The edges of the fastener are identified and the height and/or depth are calculated for both the fastener’s left edge and right edge relative to a surface line-fit.

Other Applications:
Auto – flush and gap exterior and interior, laser welds and radius; Aerospace – gouges and dents, leading edge profile, pitting and corrosion, dielectric fill, step/angle and surface roughness/wrinkles.

Benefits of LaserGauge systems


Use predefined measurement setups or customise your own—the possibilities are endless.


Utilising hardened housings and interlocked internal components, the LaserGauge® is designed for use on the shop floor and other harsh environments.

Local Support

With local support and assistance from Met Optix, your investment in LaserGauge technology ensures peace of mind.


The standard measurement sensor is just the beginning. With other structured light options and flexible packaging, we can customise a sensor to meet your requirements.

Proven Technology

With thousands of units in place, LaserGauge® is a proven solution for performance and longevity.

As well as discrete gauging solutions with LaserGauge. Origin Technologies have developed a number of robotic solutions including LaserGauge® Automation – a robotic system for measuring vehicle gap/flush on a moving assembly line. It is cost-effective, fast, flexible, and delivers LaserGauge® accurate measurements.

Utilizing the Cross-Vector scanning technology, the LaserGauge Automation System provides more surface information around the edges of assembled panels than any other robotic laser profiler. This is particularly important for accurate gap and flush measurements.

LaserGauge Product Range

With an extensive range of sensors, controllers, software and accessories, there is a LaserGauge solution for most applications.

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