Starrett Force Measurement Systems

Force measuring systems measure tensile or compressive loads for a wide range of applications.

Starrett have a leading range of single column Force Measurement Systems (FMS) from 500N to 5KN for measuring tensile as well as compressive loads for a range of products including: engineered products, components and springs. A dual column range is also available with load capacities extending to 50KN.

The L2 innovative software and testing system controller is supplied with all systems.

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FMS models, software options and accessories and fixtures.

Single Column:
FMS 500, 100, 2500 5000

Dual Column:
FMD 10K, 20K and 50K.

Software and Controllers:
Metlogix L1, L2 and L2 Plus

Load cells, gripper jaws and fixtures

Starrett family of FMS products

Our product support

Our support services are focused on providing all the help and support that customers need – either pre-purchase or for the on-going assistance and back-up support after purchase and installation.

Services offered range from basic technical telephone consultation, through to on-site calibration, repair and maintenance and ultimately to complex equipment upgrades and project management.

High quality

All of the products that we supply, including the Starrett range of force measuring systems, are of the highest quality and are sourced from the World's leading manufacturers!
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Selection & Advice

We know force measuring systems and can help you choose the right product, including force testing software (L2), force analysis software (L2 Plus) and spring testing software (S2) for your application and to suit your budget.
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Competitive pricing

We aim to provide the best products available at a competitive price in order to deliver the most compelling value proposition for the very latest metrology and testing products.
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After-Sales Support

Once the product is installed and commissioned it up to us to make sure that your measurement system operates efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.
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Starrett S2 spring testing software

Starrett spring testing systems with the powerful S2 spring testing software helps manufacturers understand the mechanical properties of the spring design can affect the spring performance and characteristics.

Find out more, by downloading a copy of the Starrett Fundamentals of Spring Testing brochure.

Latest Success Stories

Starrett are at the forefront of developing FMS solutions for new applications in the industrial, medical and packaging sectors.

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Starrett FMS range

Starrett are gaining recognition in the market for their innovative and cost-effective range of force testing and measurement systems. The range includes both entry level and advanced force measurement systems.


Starrett FMS L2 systems operate using a Windows®-based tablet PC. Load, distance and time results are displayed in a large format for easy interpretation. Graphical representation and data tables display results with tolerance and statistical calculations. Standard reports are included, or export data for use with other applications.

Additional capabilities are offered with L2 Plus systems which are optimized for quality and engineering personnel. Test setup is intuitive, efficient and non-compromising. L2 Plus measurements and analysis create high resolution graphs based on load, distance, height and time, and then measure any point or segment on your graph using a set of analysis tools.

Load Cells

Starrett offers a full range of precision load cell sensors including economy, S-beam and premium types.

Starrett load cells are compliant with IEEE 1451.4 and meet or exceed ISO 7500-1 standards. Measurement accuracies of ±0.5% of reading down to 1/100 of sensor capacity may be achieved.

Fixturing systems

Clamping systems for Starrett FMS systems include both mechanical and pneumatic types.

An extensive array of fixture accessories such as clevis pins, vise jaws, plattens and special fixtures for a range of industry applications are also available.

Software Options

L1 – entry-level systems

L2 – advanced force measurement

L2 Plus – test builder functionality

S2 – spring testing

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