What are gauge calibration systems?

Gauge calibration systems are specialised measuring systems for accurately determining the accuracy of a number of shop-floor and lab measuring tools such as ring gauges, plug gauges and thread gauges.

Gauge and instrument inspection is an important factor for the accreditation of quality systems to ISO 9001, ISO/TS and ISO 17025.

DMS 680 gauge calibration systems

What types of gauges can we calibrate?

Gauge calibration systems and length measuring equipment
  • Plain and thread ring and plug gauges
  • Pipe thread
  • Snap gauges
  • Indicators
  • Electronic probes
  • Lever-type indicators
  • Micrometers
  • Bore gauges

What gauge calibration systems do we sell?

Introducing the Microrep range from Italy

Microrep manufacture measuring instruments for gauge calibration laboratories and the mechanical industry.

Products produced by Microrep are capable of inspecting solid (hard) gauges such as plain plug, thread plug, plain and thread ring, pipe thread, snap gauge, indicator, electronic probe, lever type indicator, micrometer, bore gauge as well as temperature, humidity and angles.

DMS 680 gauge calibration systems

Product range

Gauge calibration and length measuring equipment

Length Measurement:
DMS 680, DMS 1000 and PLS 800 systems

Dial Indicator Inspection:
DG 25

Angle Measurement:
DDH 150

MicroNet and CalcAll

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DMS 680 in action!

See the full functionality of the DMS 680 gauge measuring system in action in this short, but informative video.

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Microrep product range

Microrep is a leader in gauge calibration technology and enjoys significant market share around the world. Growing the awareness and key advantages of these systems in Australia and New Zealand is now the role of Met Optix.

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