High quality hand measuring tools, calibration equipment and height gauges

In this category of products we offer the full range of TESA hand measuring tools from micrometers – internal and external, caliper – both analogue and digital, dial indicators an dial test indicators, length measuring systems, machine measurement probes and associated display units and much more.

Length calibration equipment from Italian-manufacturer MicroRep is also part of this group of products.

Finally we also offer the full range of height gauge systems from TESA with the new TESA Micro-Hite system in 300, 600 and 900 mm heights said to be the best in the world at the present time.

World-Class Products from TESA and Microrep

TESA Hand Measuring Instruments

TESA have been making high quality hand measuring tools since 1945 and are based in the watch-making capital of the world in Renens Switzerland.

A full range of products is available from TESA including instruments for connectivity, calipers, external micrometers, internal measurement, measuring instruments for large dimensions, dial gauges, lever-type dial test indicators, comparative measurement, straightness, angle and inclination measurement, length and angle standards, calibration equipment, surface roughness testing and electronic measuring equipment.

All of these products are available from TESA as the leaders in Swiss-made innovation and technology and now part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence global metrology group.

Microrep Gauge Calibration Systems

A range of length measuring systems as well as systems for verifying accuracy of dial gauges and other measurement equipment is available from leading Italian producer – Microrep.

These systems are ideal for calibration labs as well as larger manufacturers who want to perform their own internal calibration of their hand measuring tools used internally.


TESA Height Gauges

TESA are now one of the world’s leading producers of height gauges and now with the all new TESA Micro-Hite said to be the most advanced height gauge on the market, the aim is to maintain market leadership.

Height gauges are the mainstay measuring device for quickly and accurately checking the dimensions of machined components from the shop-floor in the QA lab or other metrology area. They are easy to use produce accurate and repeatable results and have an extremely long lifespan when properly maintain and serviced.

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