TESA Micro-Hite height gauge

TESA Height Gauges

World-class range of height gauges from leading Swiss manufacturer – TESA Technology

An extensive range of high quality height gauges is available from TESA Technology in Switzerland, including class-leading products such as TESA-Hite, Micro-Hite and the TESA-µHite ranges. These products are suitable and recommended for lab/shop floor, shop floor and lab applications respectively.

Height gauge systems are equipped for basic 1D measurement functions or through advanced modes: 2D measurement, programming and angle measurement.

With cast-iron bases and columns the TESA range of height gauges are robust, accurate and highly repeatable measuring systems.

Product range

Height gauges types and models from TESA.
  • 2D Models:
    MICRO-HITE and MICRO-HITE+M, in 350, 600 and 900 mm heights
  • 1D Models:
    TESA-HITE and TESA-HITE MAGNA in 400 and 700 mm heights
  • Measuring Station:
  • Accessories: probe insert & insert holder and accessories for perpendicularity measurement
TESA measuring station

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The services we offer range from the basic technical telephone consultation, through to on-site calibration, repair and maintenance and complex equipment upgrades.

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All of the products that we supply, including the TESA range of height gauges, are of the highest quality and are sourced from the World's leading manufacturers!
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We know height gauges and can help you choose the right product, including type and measurement functions to suit your application and budget.
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We aim to provide the best products available at a competitive price in order to deliver the most compelling value proposition for the very latest metrology and testing products.
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COORD 3 are at the forefront of developing solutions for new applications in the industrial, aerospace, medical, mining and automotive sectors.

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TESA height gauge range

COORD3 are leaders in CMM technology and gaining market-share in Australia. The range includes bridge, gantry and horizontal arm types as well as manual and DCC operation.


CMMs are the foundation for any robust quality assurance system. They are reliable, repeatable and produce accurate 3D measurement results and report GD&T of the design design intent. Unfortunately many small manufacturers can’t afford the cost of a CMM – even though the relative cost of CMMs has fallen over the years. Other options such as height gauges and new technologies such as portable CMM such as the zCAT are now available at affordable costs for small machine shops and tooling manufacturers. The COORD 3 range of CMMs includes models to cover every part of the market from small manual bridge CMMs to large gantry and twin horizontal arm CMM systems used for body checking for automotive OEMS – and everything in between.

CMM Controller selection

The selection of a CMM controller is an important part of the specification process, particularly if laser scanning is planned or envisaged in the future. With a range of controller options available, COORD 3 CMMs provide flexibility and future-proof the CMM investment.

Indexing head systems

COORD3 CMMs are primarily supplied with Renishaw motorised indexing heads such as the popular PH10 series and the new 5-axis PH20 systems. Touch trigger probing systems usually include TP20, TP200 or SP25 analogue scanning systems.

Software Options

  • TouchDMIS
  • Verisurf AUTOMATE
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