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Manufactured without compromise, Starrett optical projectors provide time-tested, cost-effective solutions for non-contact measurement. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate work stage. They combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. With a vast selection of styles, sizes, stages, lenses and other accessories, Starrett has a comparator for almost any application.



Met Optix has been selling Starrett optical projectors since 2014 when we became their sales and support partner in ANZ for Starrett’s range of optical, vision and force testing systems.


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Optical Projectors Range


Horizontal bench-top

Starrett’s horizontal optical comparators, particularly the entry-level and very popular HE400 model are the real work-horses of most modern machine shops and tool rooms.


Vertical benchtop

Starrett’s range of vertical bench-top comparators is ideal for measuring flat parts such as sheet metal stampings and laser cut items or for measuring flexible items such as gaskets and mouldings.


Horizontal floor-standing

Starrett horizontal floor-standing optical comparators are designed for shop-floor use with the large screen diameters used to measure small features on parts using high magnification.


Vertical floor standing

Starrett’s range of vertical floor-standing optical comparators is ideal for measuring large flat parts such as gaskets, mouldings and electrical components.


Digital Projectors

Accessories available for Starrett optical projectors include work-holding, magnification and screen overlays.


Comparator accessories

Accessories available for Starrett optical projectors include work-holding, magnification and screen overlays.

Starrett HDV100 FLIP Video

Starrett introduces the FLIP system, allowing users to operate the HDV100 system as a vertical or horizontal digital comparator.

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Buying a New Optical Projector

There are many factors to consider when selecting your new optical projectors, such as type, size, software, accessories and training.

Choose the right system. Vertical, horizontal, bench-mounted or floor-standing?

Horizontal projectors tend to be the universal type of machine. In contrast, vertical comparators are used when flat or flexible parts need to be measured, such as gaskets, o-rings and flat sheet metal parts.

Comparators are also either bench-mounted or free-standing, and some larger systems have black-out curtains and hoods fitted to reduce ambient light.

Software? Metlogix M2 software and others.

It’s important to keep updated with the latest software for optical comparators to ensure the full capabilities of the system are maintained as technology changes.

For example, as Operating Systems change and are constantly being updated, it’s essential to ensure that the measurement software being used is also updated.


Accessories. Overlays, fixtures and calibration artefacts.

Having the right accessories for your profile projector is essential, so that accurate and repeatable results can be obtained. Choose from accessories such as:

  • Precision Centers and Vees
  • Rotary Vee Blocks
  • Rotary Vises Cabinet Stands
  • Vertical Glass Plate Holders
  • Magnification Check Graticules
  • Fixed Vises
Training. Choose from in-house or remote delivery.

While the software installed on the optical comparators supplied by Met Optix is predominately very easy to use Metlogix M2 software package, it is still important to reinforce the skills and competencies of operators to achieve maximum productivity in any system.

Starrett Comparator Customers

Optical Comparator Support

We provide a full range of after-sales support services for your Optical Comparator to maintain the system’s accuracy and efficiency over the life-cycle of the equipment.


Support services for optical comparators are performed by our factory-trained and certified technicians.

  • Calibration and verification
  • Software support and maintenance
  • Spares and accessories
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Training

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