Flexible measuring

Portable measuring arms or CMMs are 3D digitizing devices that allow the measurement of parts, components and assemblies on the job, in remote locations or in the QA lab. They are fast, accurate and repeatable and when coupled with metrology software can produce full metrology reports just like a fixed CMM.

Available in both 6 and 7-axis versions in a range of measuring volumes from 1.2 to 7.0 metres, 3D measuring arms have become a must-have measurement tool in industries such as mining, aerospace, manufacturing and also general industry.

How do portable arm CMMs work?

Portable measuring arms are articulated measuring devices that use encoders to determine the position of each joint in 3D space and the relative position of the probe or laser scanner back to the Arm’s centreline on its base.

Choosing portable arm CMM software

Decide whether you plan to do inspection tasks, reverse engineering or both. If you plan to use a laser scanner with the Arm, make sure the software has this capability, either upfront or with an add-on module later.

Typical portable arm CMM package

  1. Portable Arm
  2. Laser scanner (optional)
  3. Software
  4. A magnetic base or tripod
  5. Laptop computer
RPS Metrology 7m Portable ArmArm


A great feature of portable Arms is that they are portable and can be taken to the job, rather than taking the part to the measuring device, such as a fixed CMM. This saves time, increases flexibility and improves productivity.

Portable measuring arms are easy to use and when combined with inspection software such as Verisurf CAD/Measure, allow users to quickly and easily measure geometric features and produce quality inspection reports.


Portable arms can be used to perform accurate measurement tasks. Single-point accuracy tests (SPAT) as low as 0.014 mm [RPS Metrology R-EVO6 R-Series 2.0m 6-axes model] are possible with these types of inspection tools.

Master3DGage in acton


The repeatability of the portable measuring arm is a guide as to how suited these tools are for particular applications. The repeatability of the measuring device combined with variation caused by the operator and a range of operators forms the basis of any capability study.

Laser scanning

Laser scanners on portable arms typically provide scan data of curved and non-prismatic surfaces. The scan data collected is a 3D point cloud which can be used for either inspection to a CAD model or alternatively to create a mesh file for 3D printing or reverse engineering.

Master3DGage and Scanner

Our Brands

Met Optix has Australia’s largest range of portable arm CMMs for industry and manufacturing.

  • RPS Metrology range of 6 and 7-axes arms
  • Master3DGage
  • Kreon-manufactured arms sold by API and COORD3
portable measuring arms

RPS Metrology portable arm range

RPS Metrology in Italy manufactures a full range of both six and seven-axis portable measuring arms with optional laser scanners.

The R-EVO range from RPS Metrology offers exceptional value in terms of price and performance and is available as a straight probing arm, with an optional add-on laser scanner (seven-axis versions) and is available in two accuracy grades R-EVO Model S and R-EVO Model R.


Kreon-manufactured 3D measuring arms

Portable measuring arms manufactured by Kreon are available through our Partners API and COORD3 and include the popular ECHO PRO 6-axis and seven-axis models and the BACES 6 axis and ACE six and seven-axis models. All seven-axis model arms are available with an optional Kreon laser scanner, such as Solano Blue and Skyline.

portable measuring arms

Master3DGage from Hexagon

The Master3DGage is a six-axis 1.2-metre portable measuring arm manufactured by Hexagon for Verisurf Software and built on the latest generation Absolute platform.

This very versatile measuring device is very popular with machine shops and tool-rooms. When coupled with Verisurf software it represents an excellent value package for anyone starting out with 3D measurement tasks in mind.

Add an optional laser scanner to the Master3DGage for reverse engineering or scanning for inspection tasks with add-on Verisurf software modules.



The range of services offered starts with basic technical telephone and consultation and progresses through on-site calibrations, repair, and maintenance. Finally, more complex tasks such as machine or equipment upgrades complete the picture.

By only supplying the highest quality products, our customers can be confident that their measurement results will be accurate and repeatable; high-quality measurement systems are critical to achieving consistency in measurement goals.

Contract measurement

Use our contract measurement services when you need extra measurement capacity or for assessing new measurement technologies prior to purchase.
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Calibration & verification

Rely on annual equipment calibration or verification from factory-trained personnel to maintain the accuracy and repeatability of your valuable metrology equipment.
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Software support

Software is essential for the operation and data collection for most of the metrology products that we sell. Make sure that you can rely on great support and help with your software.
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Get training to acquire or enhance skills on metrology software and measurement systems in order to maximize the return on your investment.
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To start FY 2022 off on a high note, we are offering a free magnetic base from Metrology Works – worth $1,500 for all purchases of portable arms until 31st December 2021!

To find out more about this great offer and how a portable measurement arm can help with your measurement tasks, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

Product range

Our extensive portable measuring arm range includes both six and seven axes models with integrated and removable laser line scanners from manufacturers such as RPS Metrology, Kreon Technologies and Hexagon Metrology.

Latest success stories

Portable measuring arm CMMs sales in Australia are continually expanding and our extensive range of portable measuring arms from three different manufacturers means that there is a portable measuring arm suitable for almost any application.

New C3 ECHO range

COORD 3 introduces a new range of portable arm CMMs, the ECHO C3 range for accuracy at an affordable price.

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What else do we need?

The current generation of portable measuring arms feature absolute encoders for increased single point and volumetric accuracy and in the hands of properly trained personnel can return excellent levels of repeatability.

Features such as WiFi communications, automatic probe recognition, and ease of calibration all help to make the portable measuring arm one of the most popular 3D inspection and reverse engineering metrology tools on the market.


For the range of portable measuring Arms that we sell, we recommend and support software packages from Verisurf.

Depending on the intended applications such as inspection, reverse engineering or both and whether a laser scanner is proposed, there are a number of options with Verisurf.


When choosing a portable measuring arm system, consideration should also be given to the additional accessories that will be required such as the method of mounting the arm and extra probes.

The methods of mounting portable measuring arms range from a simple magnetic base to folding portable tripods to rolling stands for ultimate stability and accuracy.

Laptop Computers

When intending to use a portable measuring arm system, consideration should be given to the laptop computer required for the measurement or reverse engineering software. We recommend using a laptop computer with the latest generation processor, 16GB RAM or more and a separate 4GB minimum graphics card, preferably NVIDIA brand or similar.