Here is a summary of the scanners that we offer – from laser to structured light.

Structured Light Scanners

Structured light or white light scanners project fringe-patterns which are distorted by the surface being scanned and a camera photographs the distorted images and through the process of triangulation a 3D point cloud of data is collected. These systems are extremely fast, accurate and the results are highly repeatable.

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Scan In A Box

Scan In A Box is an entry-level structured light scanning system for hobbyists, educational institutions and general industry where fast, low cost 3D scanning is required as a precursor to 3D printing, modelling or deign exercises.

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3D Laser Scanners

3D laser line scanners are line scanners which scan the surface of an object as the laser is run across the surface collecting thousands of 3D data points per second of the height and position of topography. These systems are fast, accurate and usually mounted to a portable measuring arm CMM so that reference points and relative positions can be automatically computed by the system.

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DAVID Vision Systems

Entry-level structured light scanning system from Germany designed for enthusiasts and hobbyists and now part of the HP family of scanning products.

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