Surface Inspection Products

Products for the inspection of dents, bumps and scratches on surfaces in the aerospace, oil & gas and mining sectors.

Surface Inspection product range from Met Optix currently includes two products: the surface inspection tools from 8tree such as dentCHECK and fastCHECK and the new 4D Inspec product from 4D Technologies for inspecting small surface defects such as scratches, corrosion and other defects.

Both of these products are now being widely used an accepted in industries such as the aerospace sector, particularly with maintenance repair organizations (MROs). The dentCHECK product from 8tree, for example, is now approved and specified in the maintenance repair manual for major airline OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier.


8tree Surface Inspection Tools

8tree has a strong reputation in the aerospace sector for leading-edge technology and innovation with the development of a series of surface inspection tools that are designed to either dramatically reduce the amount of time taken to quantify and record damage to aircraft panels.

The 8tree range of surface inspection tools includes:
• dentCHECK for recording dents and bumps in airline panels
• fastCHECK for measuring rivet depths and angles in aerospace panels
• stepCHECK for measuring step heights between panels


4D Inspec Surface Defect Inspection

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is the first handheld, precision instrument for non-contact surface defect measurement. With micrometer-level resolution, portability, affordability and ease-of-use, the 4D InSpec brings high resolution measurement to the factory floor, in machine shops and in field service applications.



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