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Introducing 4D InSpec® defect gauge

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is the first handheld, precision instrument for non-contact surface defect measurement. With micrometer-level resolution, portability, affordability and ease-of-use, the 4D InSpec brings high resolution measurement to the factory floor, in machine shops and in field service applications.

Use the 4D InSpec to instantly quantify defects such as pits, scratches, nicks, dents and bumps from  0.0002” to 0.1” (5 µm–2.5 mm) deep or tall. You can also measure features such as edge break, radii, rivet depth and part marking.

The 4D InSpec is far more repeatable and accurate than visual comparison techniques typically used for surface defect measurements. Unlike high-end metrology systems it is rugged, flexible and affordable, to measure a wide range of part geometries in factory environments.

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A surface inspection gauge for my application?

Many times are told by customers that they want to inspect for surface defects on their parts. Would the 4D Inspec product be a solution for your application? Find out with an obligation-free needs assessment from Met Optix to make sure that you buy the right piece of equipment.

Ways in which the 4D Inspec product can help your business

Our experienced team can advise on the best solution for your application, provide a tailored hardware and software training package, advise on accessories and spare parts for your equipment and offer a range of contract measurement services.

Product Selection and Advice

We can help by making recommendations on the right product for your application, based on your budget, the skills or your personnel and the operating environment.

Product Support and Training

A comprehensive range of support services for your equipment is available as is a full suite of training programs and tutoring.

Calibration and Verification

Annual calibration of the 4D InSpec measurement systems is recommended. We can assist with the facilitation of full calibration and verification services.

Project Management & Contract Work

We can provide cost-effective outcomes for any measurement task from incoming inwards goods inspection, a new first-article report or simply as extra capacity.

An extensive range of solutions and accessories for the 4D Inspec product

The 4D InSpec system can be used with a number of accessories for efficiency and flexibility, including a HD 1080p touch-screen computer,  bench-top stand, portable workstation cart and rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours operational time. It has never been easier to measure defects and features, anywhere on a component, and anywhere in your shop.

Contract Measurement

Not sure whether you can justify the cost of a 4D Inspec surface inspection gauge for your business? Why not contract Met Optix to measure your parts on a contract basis to start with in order to determine the costs savings that you can expect to make with your own equipment?
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Typical Applications

Here we present some examples of the latest applications where 4D Inspec surface defect gauge is being used to improve quality and reduce scrap costs.

Need More Information?

Why not call us today for an obligation-free discussion regarding your measurement requirements and to see whether the 4D Inspec system is the right piece of equipment for your application?