8tree fastCHECK

Inspect aerospace riveting for depth and angularity of setting.

About 8tree fastCHECK

The 8tree fastCHECK platform represents a ground-breaking approach to measuring fastener/rivet flushness- levels – quickly, consistently and objectively. Operators are empowered with instant “go/no-go” results so they can inspect the aircraft faster and more reliably. Existing configurations of the fastCHECK product platform are optimized for the aerospace sector, with new versions being defined for the marine sector and beyond.


8tree fastCHECK sets a new industry benchmark

  • Speed: 10x faster than current industry standard – inspect up to 30 fasteners in 4 seconds
  • Portability: Lightweight, compact, battery-powered, integrated CPU, easy to handle on the production floor
  • Flexibility: Easily customized to different tolerance needs, measurement results can be recorded in different formats

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