The ultimate laser tracker from API with both ADM and IFM technologies on board.

About API RADIAN PRO Laser Trackers

API Radian PRO laser trackers is the instrument of choice for serious tool builders and power 3D measurement users.
The range of RADIAN PRO laser trackers are

  • 20 metre
  • 50 metre
  • 80 metre (special order)

Key Features of API RADIAN PRO Laser Trackers

API Radian PRO laser trackers are the ultimate laser tackers in the API range with both advanced distance measurement (ADM) and interferometry measurement (IFM) systems for the ultimate in accuracy for the IFM system, combined with the flexibility and fast start-up of ADM systems.


Related Products


API RADIAN PLUS laser tracker provides extended CORE tracker functionality with hand-held tactile & laser scanning probes and offers 6DOF tracking.



API RADIAN CORE laser tracker offers economical SMR tracker functionality with benchmark accuracy in 50m and 80m ADM models.

Hand-held Targets

vProbe tactile measuring probe and iScan laser line scanner extend the measuring capabilities of RADIAN PLUS and PRO tracker models.

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