LUPHOScan 260/420 HD Profilometers

High resloution non-contact scanning.

LUPHOScan 260/420 Profilometers


The world’s fastest and most accurate system, for non-contact 3D cell phone lens metrology.

The LUPHOScan SL is ideal for high volume production of small lenses with key benefits of the system including ultra fast measurement speeds and the ability to measure geometric lens features, such as interlock surface roundness, the flatness of the flat lens surface and location of the optical surface relative to these features.

LuphoScan 50-SL-scan

Unique benefits for both design and production

  • Ultra high, repeatable accuracy – 30 nm PV (3σ)
  • Best available stability – Power variation < ± 15 nm (3σ), PV variation < ± 1.5 nm (3σ)
  • Analyse geometric features – Such as interlocks and edge diameters in relation to each other or the optical surface
  • Thin transparent substrates – Down to 100 μm thickness
  • Fast measurement speeds for true 3D – < 120 sec. – Optical surface and geometric features, < 60 sec. – Optical surface only.

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The LUPHOScan 50 non-contact profilometer is ideal for the high-volume production of small lenses.

LUPHOScan 850 HD

The LUPHOScan 850 HD is the world’s most versatile non-contact 3D form measurement system for large complex optical surfaces of up to 850 mm in diameter.

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