Taylor Hobson LUPHOScan 850 HD Profilometer

The world’s most versatile non-contact 3D form measurement system for large complex optical surfaces.

About TAYLOR HOBSON LUPHOScan 850 HD Profiler

Taylor Hobson are pushing the boundaries of large optics metrology. Our expert metrologists are delighted to announce the launch of the LUPHOScan 850 HD

Built on the foundations of the world renowned LUPHOScan HD platform, the LUPHOScan 850 HD delivers stable non-contact metrology for large complex optics applications.

The instrument has been developed working and listening closely to our many partners in optics manufacturing. Our metrologists understand the importance designing a system that delivers highly accurate, repeatable and reliable measurement data.


Revolutionary measurement capability

  • Class-leading measurement flexibility – From 5 mm up to 850 mm (dia.) x 210 mm (height)
  • Large work load – Up to 350 kg
    Highly accurate – Capable of accurate and repeatable form error measurements to < λ/20 (PV99) and <5 nm RMS*
  • High data density – Data density up to 6 million data points for accurate analysis of mid-spatials at large diameters
  • Freeform measurement – Up to ±8 degs for tangential slopes (radial slopes 90 degs)
  • Almost every material – Transparent, specular, opaque, polished or ground

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