LAP Pro-Soft Laser Projection Software

Easy to use, application focused, laser projection software.

About PRO-Soft Laser Projection Software

Versions available:

  • PRO-SOFT TP – basic version
  • PRO-SOFT UT – for supporting Unitechnik formats for concrete panels
  • PRO-SOFT ST – for projection onto 3D surfaces and single work-flows
  • PRO-SOFT MT – for multi-tasking work-flows

    Key Features of PRO-Soft Laser Projection Software

    PRO-SOFT is the user-friendly operating environment for your laser projection system. The new look and feel of the graphical user interface are easy to learn and easy to handle as it follows the current WINDOWS© 10 design. In addition, you may change parts of the configuration, the scaling and the skin individually.

    The usability has been improved by organising the functions‘ visibility in accordance with the amount of use: frequently used functions are always visible, and only occasionally used settings are found in the sub-menus.

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