Taylor Hobson Hand-Held  Surtronics® DUO II

An entry-level two-piece portable hand-held surface roughness measuring system.

SURTRONICS DUO  Surface Roughness Tester

The Taylor Hobson Surtronics DUO surface roughness tester is an entry-level, but highly productive way in which to repeatably measure the surface roughness of machined parts and surfaces compared to a known roughness standard.

As well as the standard Surtronics DUO surface roughness tester, there are now two additional models, th extended range and the T-meter II.

The new DUO extended reach model allows measures inside bores down to 70mm in diameter as well as spherical chambers as small as 200mm in diameter.

The new T-Meter II model allows concrete surface measurement.

Surtronics-DUO-surface roughness-tester
Taylor-Hobson-DUO-surface roughness-tester

Specifications for SURTRONICS DUO  Surface Roughness Tester

MODELS AVAILABLE: Surtronic DUO, new DUO extended reach and new T-Meter II system for concrete surface measurement

TECHNOLOGY: Bluetooth. Skidded system.

SERVICES PROVIDED: Full sales, spare parts and accessories, support, installation and training

APPLICATIONS AND USES: Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry. Flooring applications and now concrete surface roughness applications.

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