MICRO-HITE (manual) and MICRO-HITE+M (motorized) in 300, 600 and 900mm heights

Both manual and motorized versions available

Full sales, spare parts and accessories, support, installation and training

Ideal for workshops, machine shops and general industry.


The TESA MICRO-HITE height gauge is high-end instrument that is intuitive due to a clear and refined user philosophy of its embedded software and allows measurements in 1 or 2 coordinate directions. Universal machine developed for workshops and for laboratories that can be integrated as close as possible to the user. Indeed, the robustness of its cast iron base and frame makes it a reliable instrument that guarantees an excellent repeatability and precision in any kind of conditions.

As well as basic 1D functions, MICRO-HITE height gauges are equipped with advanced functions (such as angle, programming, and tolerancing) and turns it into a multi-purpose metrological asset, that can replace most conventional measuring tools.

With the integrated patented QUICKCENTER technology, the height gauge gives clear indications not only when capturing simple points but it becomes a proven advantage for the determination of the culmination points.

Each MICRO-HITE is delivered with a free calibration certificate SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) avoiding any additional extra cost due to a re-certification of the instrument directly after purchase.