Verisurf MEASURE Software

The key measurement module within Verisurf.

About Verisurf MEASURE software

Verisurf MEASURE software is the key module in the Verisurf software suite where the measurement of features and reporting takes place.
Along with Verisurf CAD, this module is the minimum requirement with Verisurf.

Key features of Verissuf Measure.

  • Measure any type of geometry feature
    Guided, graphical device/part/model alignment
  • Create stunning reports in multiple formatsInstantly
  • Instantly analyse and display surface deviations
  • Learn mode builds inspection plans while measuring

Interfacing in real-time with any measuring device including stationary and portable CMMs, laser trackers and scanners, and various others, Verisurf Measure software lets you easily measure features from precise single points to point clouds. Set unique GD&T constraints, see the device graphically displayed on your screen, plus smart tools automatically recognise and display features while you are measuring.

For enhanced accuracy and ease of use, Verisurf Measure also includes FeatureAlign and AutoAlign. Use FeatureAlign to align the part to the device based on measured features and datums. Use AutoAlign to align the device directly to the CAD model. These new, innovative features allow you to store alignment schemes and automate inspection routines to guide the device through inspection. Plus, you can easily create intuitive, visual HTML or Excel-based inspection reports.


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