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Sep 13, 2020 | Product News

Verisurf 2020 sets new standards for productivity in reverse engineering

Verisurf Software Inc. announces the release of Verisurf 2020 software setting a new standard for robust and efficient workflows in tasks such as reverse engineering.

The release of Verisurf 2020 software features a large number of enhancements improvements over previous releases and includes new capabilities such as:

  • Quick Surface – Powerful, High-Quality Surfacing Arrives
  • New Mesh Editing Power Provides Ultimate Control
  • Expanded Power Mesh Settings Improve Utility
  • Assure Mesh Continuity with New Stitch Mesh
  • Improve Mesh Quality with Quad Mesh Function
  • Use Optimize Mesh to Generate Uncompromising Results
  • Vastly-Improved Sketching on Meshes for Reverse Engineering
  • Convenient Project Grid Option for Mesh Construct Tool
  • Bundle Points Updated to Improve Data Management, Quality, and Reporting
  • All-in-One Translator Bundle
  • More Flexible Verisurf Network Licensing Options
  • Verisurf Supports the Latest Metrology Hardware
  • Go Mobile with the Verisurf Companion App for iOS and Android Phones
  • Addition of Projection Masks to Ops Mgr Streamlines Workflows
  • Hands-Free Mobile Verisurf Access

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