Our dedicated support team have a wealth of industry experience and a passion for Customer Service!

Met Optix provides a full range of after-sales and support services for all of the products that we sell. Theses services are either provided directly by our experienced Support Team or in some cases where specialist resources are required by our overseas Partners. Either way our aim and objectives are always to ensure that customers receive professional advice and first-class support.

When purchasing any major piece of capital equipment, such as metrology equipment, ensure that support and back-up service is always available and this is why the provision of such services is a key part of our business.

The range of services provided not only provides customer support in the key areas such as calibration, repair and maintenance and training but also covers a number of other areas where support is just as important and often overlooked. From simple answers over the phone to solve basic software questions to advise on upgrades and the availability of new technology for a new application; its all available from Met Optix.

Benefits of using our support services

Product Selection

We can help you to find the right product for your application – even if its not from our current range of products. We can suggest other sources for you or find a new source ourselves in order to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for your needs.Read More »


Training programs are offered both with the installation of new equipment as well as ad-hoc and tailored training packages for when new employees join your organization or for advanced or refresher courses. Packages are tailored to suit the needs of customers and employees.Read More »

Maintenance and service

Preventative and break-down maintenance is available at very competitive rates and we always try to solve problems initially over the phone rather than making expensive service calls and visits.Read More »

Calibration and Verification

Annual calibration of metrology equipment is recommended by most manufacturers in order to maintain accuracy and traceability back to known standards. Met Optix is a strong supporter of these regimes and assists customers to ensure conformance.Read More »

Software support

Software support includes phone and email first-level support for customers who have software maintenance packages or for customers who have purchased a system within the last six-months. Free support, within reason, is also provided to all customers for minor queries and questions and more extensive support is available at competitive rates.Read More »

Project management

For any project management task, including equipment relocation or upgrades of hardware, software or both and complete peace of mind contact us at Met Optix.Read More »

Calibration of key equipment such as CMMs, vision systems and optical comparators can be performed locally and at an affordable cost by the service and support team at Met Optix!

Please get in touch to arrange a no-obligation quote on the calibration of your CMM, vision system or comparator.

Training Packages

We offer an extensive array of training courses and support, starting from initial machine installation training, refresher courses as well as advanced learning packages, all tailored to meet the needs of the your organisation and teams.

We deliver value in training by:
• Agreed training outcomes
• Meeting the training needs as specified in the training brief
• Providing a flexible approach to training, tailored to your specific needs

Contract Measurement

A full range of contract measurement services is offered including on-site measurement with portable measuring arms and scanners, laboratory measurement with fixed CMMs and other equipment and reverse engineering and 3D modelling services.

All of these services are provided by our experienced and highly skilled team in order to deliver cost-effective measurement outcomes – either for overflow work or when the financial justification for new equipment is still being developed.