Calibration Services

Annual calibration for most metrology equipment is recommended by leading manufacturers, such as Starrett in order to ensure high standard of measurement accuracy and repeatability. Accordingly, our metrology staff can help you to schedule an annual service and calibration for your optical or vision system to coincide with one of our regular visits interstate or to New Zealand in order to help reduce the travel costs associated with getting our support and service technicians to your facility.

As well as the calibration of Starrett optical and visions systems we now offer local calibration of COORD 3 CMMs, RPS Metrology portable arm CMMs and some Taylor Hobson equipment.

We also offer calibrations for Alicona and more complex Taylor Hobson equipment to coincide with regular service visits from the OEMs service engineers.

Professional Experience

How much does calibration cost?

Our calibration services for Starrett vision systems and optical comparators usually take one day to complete with our daily charge for service and calibration work currently A$1,040 + GST per day. Travel and accommodation expenses for interstate and overseas facilities are extra as is any additional spare parts required as part of the service / calibration process.


Calibration reporting, for example a Starrett vision system, consists of a seven page calibration report using NIST traceable artefacts and full factory endorsed procedures and practices conducted by our factory-trained and accredited calibration and service personnel. The reports show the linear accuracy of the X,Y and Z (if fitted) axes of movement using certified artefacts and non-linear error correction mapping again with a certified artefact. This ensures that the systems are performing to factory specifications at the specified operating temperatures with high levels of repeatability.

Calibration or Verification?

Do I need calibration or verification for my metrology equipment? Calibration of metrology equipment can usually only be performed by the OEMs factory-trained staff or local representative as they have the ability to change the error map for the equipment by accessing the operating software. Verification, on the other hand, can be performed by suitably qualified staff with the required traceable artefacts in order to produce a report on the accuracy of the equipment to the OEM specifications. However, if the equipment is out of specification, the supplier performing the verification cannot usually bring the machine back into specification, this has to be done by calibration.


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