inspection of hydro rotor with api ot2 vprobe

Contract Measurement Services

Contract measurement is a service offered by Met Optix to help customers to measure and report dimensional and surface data on products and components.

We can help you to find the right cost-effective solution for your application using our current range of contract measurement equipment.

Typical Contract Measurement applications and FAQ

Measure features on complex 3D prismatic parts

For applications such as measuring or reporting measured features on complex 3D prismatic parts we would normally recommend the use of a manual or DCC-controlled CMM system for high levels of repeatability and excellent accuracy.

Measure features on large castings

For measuring geometric features on large parts such as castings in the mining or power generation sectors we would normally recommend the use of a portable measuring arm CMM in order to achieve the best results.

Is laser scanning the best way to measure our parts?

Quite often we are asked by clients that they want to use a laser scanner to measure their parts.

We find in reality however that it is very rare that a laser scanner is the best way to measure geometric features on parts, and contact probing system is normally much better and a faster result is achieved.

Where laser scanning for inspection comes into its own however is when the part to be measured is being compared with a 3D CAD model – particularly with an organic or non-geometric shape or surfaces.

How do we inspect our flat sheet metal parts

Flat sheet metal parts can be inspected in a number of ways including using an optical comparator through to the use of specialist sheet metal inspection systems from InspecVision


An extensive range of services are available including equipment and software support, calibration and contract measurement.

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