Surface Defect Detection and Analysis

Nov 10, 2018 | Product News

How deep is that scratch?

Many customers around the world are looking for a quick, yet repeatable way of identifying and classifying scratches and defects on high value components. Up until now this process has relied on techniques such as has visual an finger inspection and replication putties, or 2D or 3D laser scanners, or expensive optical or contact profilers. All of these approaches have problems – resolution, slow speed and non-gauge capable, but now with a new product from 4D Technologies, of Tuscon AZ with their revolutionary 4D Inspec™ product all of these older techniques are things of the past.

The 4D Inspect allows operators to quickly and easily identify and quantify nicks, scratches, small dents and other defects in seconds, giving inspectors the confidence to accept or reject parts, that otherwise may have been rejected, and potentially saving thousands of dollars on expensive aerospace components.

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