Partner News

MET OPTIX is extremely pleased to be able to announce that we are now officially the new sales and support Partner for TESA SA, part of the largest metrology group in the world currently – Hexagon Metrology, in Australia and New Zealand.

TESA had been previously represented in Australia by Rosebank Engineering but after an ownership change and becoming Ruag Australia, TESA was unrepresented in Australia. MET OPTIX after working on a number of recent enquiries with Ruag Australia became aware of the need for TESA to finds a new Partner in ANZ and after meeting in Germany and remotely with TEAS’s management for Southeast Asia who are based in Singapore, and arrangement between MET OPTIX and TESA SA for sales and support services for customers in Australia and New Zealand was developed.

The TESA brand has been synonymous with precision and high quality measuring equipment, manufactured at the main TESA plant in Renens, Switzerland.

As part of the re-launch of TESA in Australia and New Zealand, TESA have released a range of the most popular products in their range and called these the “TESA Highlights” program. This program includes products such as: Calipers, Dial Test Indicators, Internal Micrometers – IMICRO range, Probes, Lever Probes, Display Units, Portable roughness testing units, TESA-Hite height gauges, Unimaster – Universal Testing Instrument and Unitest – Internal Micrometer.