Verisurf announces the release of the all-new Master3DGage at IMTS

Sep 3, 2014 | Partner News

Latest Generation Portable Measuring Arm Technology

Verisurf Software introduces the all-new Master3DGage – the affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection and reverse-engineering solution that enables machine shops to significantly increase production and improve part quality. The complete hardware and software solution delivers automated ‘in-process’ inspection right to the shop floor. Master3DGage quickly verifies manufactured parts directly to 3D CAD models or 2D drawings. When no data or drawings are available the Master3DGage is a powerful, easy-to-use reverse engineering solution.

The New Master3DGage solution has been designed to close the loop in the digital manufacturing workflow,” said Ernie Husted, President of Verisurf Software, Inc. “Manufacturers can not only extend a 3D model based workflow from CAD to CAM to Computer Aided Inspection, but they can also reverse engineer parts into the 3D model based process thus improving quality, saving time and eliminating drawings.

Master3DGage integrates the latest Hexagon Metrology Portable CMM with Absolute Encoders with Verisurf X advanced 3D model-based inspection and reverse engineering software. The complete solution is a highly accurate and powerful toolset that is easy to learn, operate and maintain.

Rapid Three-Step Inspection

  1. Align: Align the manufactured part to the 3D CAD model by probing the part to corresponding alignment targets on the 3D CAD model.
  2. Inspect: Inspect a manufactured part in real-time by probing any surface or by following repeatable automated inspection plans.
  3. Report: Report inspection results in industry standard formats with intelligent GD&T and colour deviation maps for clear, practical analysis.

Rapid Three-Step Reverse Engineering

  1. Measure: Contact scan or probe 3D complex profile surfaces or prismatic features including planes, cylinders, cones and spheres or capture 2D features including lines, splines, circles and slots.
  2. Mesh: Powerful point cloud and STL mesh editing tools help prepare large data sets for 3D mesh surfacing. In many cases, STL models can go straight to 3D printing!
  3. Model: Transform 3D point clouds and meshes into 3D NURB surfaces or even solid models for precision manufacturing.

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